5 letter words with ADA in the middle

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5 letter words with ADA in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with ADA in the middle with meaning

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  • Of or relating to the greatest ocean depths, below approximately 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) and characterized by very high pressure, low temperature, and total darkness.
  • Belonging to the abyssal zone.
  • US: /ˈheɪdəl/
  • UK: /ˈheɪdəl/
Origin and Usage

The word "hadal" comes from the Greek word "hades," which means "the underworld." It was first used in the early 1900s to describe the deepest parts of the ocean, which were previously unknown and unexplored. Today, the term "hadal zone" is used to refer to the deepest parts of the ocean, which are more than 6,000 meters below the surface.

  • Deep-sea
  • Abyssal
Related Words
  • Depth
  • Ocean
  • Zone
Example Sentences
  • The hadal zone is the least explored part of the ocean.
  • The hadal fauna is adapted to the extreme conditions of the deep sea.

Parts of Speech: Noun


  1. A polite term of address for a woman, typically used as "Madam President" or "Madam Chair."
  2. A woman who runs a brothel.


  • US: /ˈmædəm/
  • UK: /ˈmadəm/

Origin and Usage:

The word "madam" comes from the Old French word "ma dame," meaning "my lady." It was originally used as a title of respect for a woman of rank or authority. In the 18th century, it came to be used as a polite form of address for a woman, and later for a woman who runs a brothel.


  • Maam
  • Lady

Related Words:

  • Drama
  • Adman
  • Adams
  • Damas
  • Adamu

Example Sentences:

  • "Good morning, Madam President," said the reporter.
  • She was known in the neighborhood as the madam of the local brothel.
Word: Radar 1. Parts of Speech:


2. Definitions:
  1. A system that uses radio waves to detect and locate objects, such as aircraft or ships, especially by means of their echoes.
  2. An electronic device for detecting the presence of objects, such as aircraft, ships, or vehicles, by means of radio waves reflected from their surfaces.
3. Pronunciations:
  • US: /ˈreɪˌdɑr/
  • UK: /ˈreɪdɑː/
4. Origin and Usage:

The term "radar" originated as an acronym for "radio detection and ranging". It was first used during World War II as a means of detecting incoming enemy aircraft. Since then, radar has been used in a variety of applications, including weather forecasting and air traffic control.

5. Synonyms:

Radio detection and ranging system, electronic detection system, sonar, lidar

6. Related Words:

Radio, laser, sonar, lidar, ultr

7. Example Sentences:
  • The air traffic controller used radar to track the planes movements.
  • The weatherman used radar to predict the coming storm.
  • The military uses radar to detect enemy aircraft.