Terms of Services

As a team dedicated to providing a safe and transparent browsing experience, we’ve established a set of terms and conditions that apply to all users accessing our website or playing our games. By navigating our site or utilizing our services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

We believe in fostering a friendly environment, and our mission is to make your time on our platform enjoyable and secure. By following these guidelines, we can work together to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved.


Free Access for All

Our website is open to everyone and does not require any registration or payment to access the content. However, we ask that minors avoid using the site, as it is not intended for their use. Should someone under 18 years old access the site, we’ll assume their parents or guardians have given consent for this.

Intellectual Property Rights

At Wordle.guide, we hold the necessary ownership and licenses for the intellectual property rights of our website, adhering to the current legislation. We ensure all content is protected, and we strictly prohibit any unauthorized use.

To safeguard the creative work on our website, any modification, copying, reproduction, public communication, transformation, or distribution for public or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without our prior express, written consent.

As users, if you come across any content that may infringe on intellectual property rights or violates any laws, we kindly request that you notify us as soon as possible. By working together, we can continue to maintain a safe and respectful platform for everyone.

Terms and Use of the Website

As users of our website, it’s essential to avoid accessing or using it for illegal or unauthorized purposes, whether for profit or not. Should any user fail to comply with this requirement, we reserve the right to implement appropriate measures in accordance with the law.

Liabilities and Guarantees

We strive to deliver our service with the utmost efficiency, using the best resources and technologies currently at our disposal. Our goal is to minimize the impact of security incidents on our users. In the event of any violation of our Conditions of Use, we reserve the right to take necessary action. This may include blocking, modifying, restricting, or interrupting access, browsing, use, or content of our website, with or without prior notice. Please note that users who breach the Conditions of Use will not be eligible for compensation.

A Glimpse at the Generals

These terms of use are valid from the moment they are presented until any changes, either full or partial, are made. Once modified, the updated terms shall come into effect. Although the terms and conditions are set, we reserve the right to terminate, suspend, or cease access to our website content at any time without prior notice, and users cannot request any compensation in such cases. Even after termination, the previously mentioned usage restrictions in these terms shall remain enforceable.

If a provision in these terms is deemed unenforceable or invalid under applicable law by a competent court or administrative body, the remaining provisions shall not be affected and continue to be valid. Moreover, our non-exercise or non-enforcement of any right or provision in these terms does not imply we waive our rights unless there is a written recognition and agreement by us.

Throughout the process, we maintain a friendly approach, and our focus is on ensuring the best experience for our users. Staying true to our commitment, we are here to guide, serve, and support our users effectively and empathetically.

Legal Framework and Governing Courts

Should you have any concerns or wish to file a complaint regarding our Terms of Use, kindly reach out to us via the email provided in the “Identification” section. Our primary goal is to address your concerns diligently and collaboratively, ensuring that we reach a mutually beneficial solution and enhancing your overall experience.

Last update: November 2023.