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5 letter words starting with S in English

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Definition of Sadza

Sadza is a noun that refers to a type of thick porridge made from maize meal that is a staple food in Zimbabwe and other parts of southern Africa.

  • US: /ˈsɑd.zə/
  • UK: /ˈsæd.zə/
Origin and Usage

Sadza is a traditional dish that has been a staple food in Zimbabwe for centuries. It is made by mixing maize meal with water to form a thick porridge, which is then eaten with various relishes such as vegetables, meat, or gravy. Sadza is typically eaten using the fingers, with small portions of the porridge being rolled into balls and dipped into the relish. It is a popular dish in Zimbabwean cuisine and is also enjoyed in other countries in southern Africa.


There are no direct synonyms for sadza, but it is similar to other dishes made from maize meal such as pap in South Africa and nsima in Malawi.

Related Words
  • Maize
  • Meals
  • Bread
  • Grain
  • Paste
Example Sentences
  • She cooked sadza for dinner and served it with a spicy vegetable relish.
  • He ate sadza with his hands and enjoyed the way the relish mixed with the thick porridge.
  • They often eat sadza as a main meal, sometimes with meat or fish added to the relish.
Here is the requested information for "sybil": 1. Parts of Speech: Noun 2. Definitions: - A womans name of Greek origin meaning "prophetess" or "oracle." - A person, typically a woman, who is believed to have multiple personalities or identities. 3. Pronunciations: - US: /ˈsɪbəl/ (SIB-uhl) - UK: /ˈsɪbɪl/ (SIB-il) 4. Origin and Usage: The name "Sybil" originated from the Greek word "sibylla," meaning "prophetess" or "oracle." It was commonly used as a name for women in ancient Greece. In modern times, the name has gained additional usage as a term for a person with multiple personalities or identities, after the famous case of "Sybil" in the 1970s. 5. Synonyms: None 6. Related Words: basil, civil, sable 7. Example Sentences: - "Sybil was a common name for women in ancient Greece." - "The famous case of Sybil in the 1970s brought attention to the condition of multiple personalities." - "Basil, civil, and sable are all related 5 letter words to Sybil."
Definition of Swell

1. Parts of Speech: verb, noun, adjective, adverb

2. Definitions:

  • Verb: to become larger or rounder; to increase in size, volume, or intensity; to feel or express pride or satisfaction; to bulge or protrude; to rise in waves or billows
  • Noun: a gradual increase in size, volume, or intensity; a long wave or series of waves in the sea; a feeling of pride or satisfaction
  • Adjective: excellent or impressive; fashionable or stylish
  • Adverb: in a manner that swells or increases in size, volume, or intensity

3. Pronunciations:

  • US: /swɛl/
  • UK: /swɛl/

4. Origin and Usage:

The word "swell" originated from the Old English word "swelan," which means "to grow hot." It has been used as a verb since the 14th century and as a noun since the 15th century. In addition to its literal meanings related to size and waves, "swell" is often used figuratively to describe feelings of pride or satisfaction. It can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is excellent or stylish.

5. Synonyms:

  • increase
  • expand
  • grow
  • inflate
  • rise
  • billow
  • wave
  • excellent
  • impressive
  • fashionable
  • stylish

6. Related Words:

  • swash
  • swath
  • sweat
  • swine
  • swipe


Heres the requested information on the word "swart": Swart 1. Parts of Speech


2. Definitions

Dark or black in color; swarthy.

3. Pronunciations (US, UK)

US: /swɔrt/

UK: /swɑːt/

4. Origin and Usage

The word "swart" comes from Middle English "swart" or "swarte," meaning "black, dark." It has been in use since the 14th century and is still used today, although it is considered archaic or poetic.

5. Synonyms

Black, dark, dusky, swarthy, tawny

6. Related Words

Black, brown, color, shade, slate

7. Example Sentences
  • Her hair was swart and curly.
  • The swart, bearded man looked like he had spent his life in the sun.
  • The swart clouds on the horizon signaled an approaching storm.
Heres the requested information on "syrup": Syrup

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A thick, sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar in boiling water, often used for adding flavor to food or drinks.

Pronunciation (US): /ˈsɪrəp/

Pronunciation (UK): /ˈsɪrəp/

Origin and Usage: The word "syrup" comes from the medieval Latin word "sirupus," which means "thick, sweet liquid." Syrup has been used for centuries as a sweetener and flavoring agent in food and drinks. It is commonly used in the production of soft drinks, cocktails, and desserts.

Synonyms: Sweetener, molasses, honey, treacle, caramel, nectar, sauce.

Related Words: Honey, sugar, molasses, treacle, maple.

Example Sentences:

  • She poured syrup over her pancakes.
  • The cough syrup helped soothe his throat.
  • The bartender added a splash of syrup to the cocktail.
  • The maple syrup is harvested in the spring.