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5 letter words starting with M in English

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Heres the information you requested: Parts of Speech

Mafic is an adjective.


Mafic refers to a type of rock that is rich in magnesium and iron, and has a relatively low silica content. It is often dark in color, dense, and heavy.


US: /ˈmeɪfɪk/

UK: /ˈmæfɪk/

Origin and Usage

The term mafic comes from the words magnesium and ferric (iron), which are two of the main elements found in this type of rock. Mafic rocks are commonly found in volcanic regions, and are often associated with the formation of oceanic crust. They are also used in the construction of buildings and roads due to their durability.


Some synonyms for mafic include: basaltic, gabbroic, and ultramafic.

Related Words

Some related 5 letter words include: magma, magic, malic, manic, and mimic.

Example Sentences
  • The volcanic rock on the island was mostly mafic in nature.
  • The construction company used mafic rock in the foundation of the building for added stability.
  • Mafic minerals such as olivine and pyroxene are common in igneous rocks.
Heres what I came up with: Myall

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A small Australian acacia tree with dense, hard, fragrant wood.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈmaɪɔl/; UK: /ˈmʌɪɔːl/

Origin and Usage: The term "myall" comes from the indigenous Australian language, and it was first recorded in the early 19th century. Myall trees are native to Australia, and their wood is highly valued for its strength, density, and fragrance. The wood was traditionally used by indigenous Australians for making tools, weapons, and musical instruments, and it is still used today for a variety of purposes, including furniture, flooring, and decorative items.

Synonyms: Acacia, wattle

Related Words: Acorn, cedar, maple, oak, pine

Example Sentences:

  • He carved the handle of his hunting knife from myall wood.
  • The myall trees in the national park are protected by law.
  • The myall is a hardy and drought-resistant species.
Murex 1. Parts of Speech:


2. Definitions:

A type of marine snail that has a pointed spiral shell with a thick outer lip, often used in ancient times for the production of purple dye.

3. Pronunciations:

US: /ˈmjʊrɛks/

UK: /ˈmjʊərɛks/

4. Origin and Usage:

The word "murex" comes from Latin and Greek, meaning "purple fish". Murex was used in ancient times to produce a purple dye that was highly prized and expensive. The dye was made by crushing the murex shell and extracting a liquid that turned purple when exposed to sunlight. Murex was also used as a symbol of royalty and power, as purple was a color associated with wealth and status.

5. Synonyms:


6. Related Words:

Crust, Fluke, Hinge, Oyster, Pearl

7. Example Sentences:
  • The ancient Phoenicians used the murex snail to produce a purple dye that was highly prized.
  • The murex shell was often used as a symbol of royalty and power in ancient times.
  • The murex snail is still used today in some cultures for medicinal purposes.
Here is the requested information: Mulct

Part of Speech: Verb

Definition: To defraud or extract money from someone by means of a fine or penalty.

Pronunciation (US): /məlkt/

Pronunciation (UK): /mʌlkt/

Origin and Usage: The word "mulct" originated from the Latin word "mulctare" which means to punish or fine. It was first recorded in English in the 16th century and was commonly used in legal contexts to refer to the imposition of fines or penalties. Today, it is still used in legal contexts but is also used more generally to refer to any situation where someone is defrauded or made to pay a penalty.

Synonyms: Fleece, swindle, cheat, defraud, rip off.

Related Words: Clump, flume, plumb, slump, trump.

Example Sentences:

  • The company was found guilty of trying to mulct its customers by charging them hidden fees.
  • The politician was accused of trying to mulct taxpayers out of millions of dollars.
  • The scam artist was able to mulct several elderly people out of their life savings.
Parts of Speech



1. A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.

2. A widely held but false belief or idea.


US: /mɪθs/

UK: /mɪθs/

Origin and Usage

The word "myths" originated from the Greek word "muthos" which means "word" or "speech". It was originally used to describe traditional stories and legends that were passed down orally from generation to generation. Today, the word is also used to describe widely held but false beliefs or ideas.

  • Legend
  • Fable
  • Tale
  • Story
  • Misconception
  • Misbelief
  • Illusion
Related Words
  • Mytho
  • Mythy
  • Myoid
  • Myoma
  • Myope
Example Sentences
  • The Greek myths are some of the most famous stories in the world.
  • Many people believe the myth that carrots improve your eyesight.
  • It is important to distinguish between fact and myth.
  • The myth of the "perfect" body has caused many people to develop eating disorders.
  • Despite what many people believe, cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis - its just a myth.