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Here is the dictionary-style entry for "umiaq": umiaq

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A type of large Inuit boat traditionally made from animal skins stretched over a wooden frame.

Pronunciation (US): /oo-mee-ak/

Pronunciation (UK): /oo-mee-ahk/

Origin and Usage: The word "umiaq" comes from the Inuit language and has been used in English since the early 20th century. It is a type of boat used by the Inuit people for hunting and transportation.

Synonyms: Kayak, canoe, boat, vessel

Related Words: Canoe, kayak, skiff, sloop, yacht

Example Sentences:

  • The Inuit hunters paddled their umiaq through the icy waters in search of seals.
  • She watched as the umiaq disappeared into the fog, wondering when it would return.
  • The umiaq was an essential tool for the Inuit people, allowing them to travel long distances across the water.