5 letter words with AGA in the middle

The following list contains 4 five letter words in English

5 letter words with AGA in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with AGA in the middle with meaning

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1. Parts of Speech: Noun

2. Definition: Goods thrown overboard from a ship, but tied to a buoy or other floating object so that they can be recovered later.

3. Pronunciations: US: /ˈleɪɡən/, UK: /ˈlæɡən/

4. Origin and Usage: The word lagan originated from the Middle French word laagan and was first used in the English language in the 16th century. It was commonly used in the context of maritime law to refer to goods that were thrown overboard from a ship during a storm or to lighten the load, but were tied to a buoy or other floating object so that they could be recovered later. Today, the word is still used in legal and maritime contexts, but is not commonly used in everyday conversation.

5. Synonyms: Flotsam, Jetsam, Wreckage, Debris

6. Related Words: Cargo, Fleet, Anchor, Buoy, Ferry

7. Example Sentences:

  1. The crew threw the lagan overboard to lighten the load during the storm.
  2. After the shipwreck, the divers found some lagan on the ocean floor.
  3. The captain was accused of stealing the lagan that washed up on the beach.
1. **Parts of Speech:** noun, adjective 2. **Definitions:** - *noun:* a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions; a non-Christian, non-Jewish, or non-Muslim; an adherent of a polytheistic religion. - *adjective:* relating to pagans or their beliefs. 3. **Pronunciations:** - US: /ˈpeɪɡən/ - UK: /ˈpeɪɡən/ 4. **Origin and Usage:** - The word "pagan" comes from the Latin word "paganus" meaning "rural, rustic, civilian". It was originally used to refer to people who lived in rural areas and were not part of the elite or the military. Later, it came to be associated with non-Christian religions, especially those that worshiped multiple gods. In modern times, the term is often used to describe people who follow alternative or non-mainstream spiritual beliefs. 5. **Synonyms:** heathen, infidel, idolater, heretic, nonbeliever, unbeliever, skeptic, dissenter, freethinker, nonconformist, outsider, non-Christian 6. **Related Words:** faith, cults, creed, sects, magic 7. **Example Sentences:** - *noun:* Many ancient cultures were pagan and worshiped multiple gods. - *adjective:* The pagan festival of Beltane is celebrated on May 1st. - *noun:* He was accused of being a pagan and practicing witchcraft. - *adjective:* She has a pagan tattoo on her arm depicting a Celtic goddess. - *noun:* The pagans believed in the power of nature and its spirits. Note: The information provided is based on real-time data and general knowledge.
Parts of Speech

sagas is a noun.


sagas: a long, typically heroic, story or legend.


US: /ˈsɑːɡəz/

UK: /ˈsɑːɡəz/

Origin and Usage

The word sagas originated from Old Norse, and it refers to a long, typically heroic, story or legend. It is commonly used to describe a narrative that tells the story of a hero or a group of heroes and their adventures.


epic, legend, tale, myth, story, narrative, history

Related Words

epics, tales, myths, stories, myths

Example Sentences
  • The sagas of the Norse gods are full of adventure and intrigue.
  • The epic sagas of Beowulf and King Arthur have captured the imaginations of generations.
  • Her familys history was a saga of triumphs and tragedies.
  • Their journey was a saga of survival against all odds.
  • The sagas of the ancient Greeks and Romans have inspired countless works of art and literature.
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  1. Relating to the vagus nerve.
  2. Relating to or affecting the organs innervated by the vagus nerve, especially the digestive tract.
  • US: /ˈveɪɡəl/
  • UK: /ˈveɪɡ(ə)l/
Origin and Usage

The word "vagal" is derived from the Latin word "vagus," meaning wandering. The vagus nerve is so named because it wanders through the body, innervating many organs along the way. "Vagal" is used to describe anything related to the vagus nerve or the organs it innervates.

  • vagus
Related Words
  • nerve
  • tract
Example Sentences
  1. The vagal response can cause a sudden drop in heart rate.
  2. Vagal stimulation can help relieve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.