5 letter words with ANI in the middle

The following list contains 6 five letter words in English

5 letter words with ANI in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with ANI in the middle with meaning


Part of Speech: Adjective

Definition: Showing wild and uncontrolled excitement or enthusiasm.

Pronunciation (US): /ˈmænɪk/

Pronunciation (UK): /ˈmænɪk/

Origin and Usage: The word manic originated from the Greek word mania which means madness or frenzy. It was first used in the English language in the early 19th century. The word is commonly used to describe someone who is in a state of extreme excitement or enthusiasm, often to the point of being uncontrollable.

Synonyms: frenzied, hyperactive, agitated, excited, overexcited, hyper, feverish, crazed, wild, frantic

Related Words: magic, mince, mincy, manor, manly

Example Sentences:

  • He was in a manic state after winning the lottery.
  • The crowds manic excitement was contagious.
  • Her manic energy was exhausting to be around.
  • The manic pace of the city was overwhelming.
danio 1. Parts of Speech: Noun 2. Definitions: a small freshwater fish of the minnow family, typically brightly colored and popular in aquariums. 3. Pronunciations: US: /ˈdeɪni.oʊ/ UK: /ˈdæni.əʊ/ 4. Origin and Usage: The word "danio" originated in the late 19th century from the Bengali word "dān" meaning "rice field." Danios are native to South and Southeast Asia and are popular in the aquarium trade due to their bright colors and active behavior. 5. Synonyms: zebrafish, minnow 6. Related Words: guppy, tetra, cichl, loach, molly 7. Example Sentences: - The danio is a popular fish in the aquarium hobby due to its bright colors and active behavior. - Danios are typically kept in groups of six or more in order to prevent aggression. - The zebrafish, a type of danio, is often used as a model organism in scientific research.