5 letter words with COU in the middle

5 letter words with COU in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with COU in the middle with meaning


Parts of Speech: verb, noun


  • verb: to clean or polish something by rubbing it hard, especially with a rough material
  • verb: to search through an area or place thoroughly in order to find something
  • noun: a thorough search of an area or place to find something


  • US: /skaʊr/
  • UK: /skaʊə/

Origin and Usage:

The word "scour" comes from the Middle English word "scouren," which means "to rub clean." It has been used in English since the 14th century. The verb form of "scour" is commonly used to describe the act of cleaning or polishing something by rubbing it hard, while the noun form is used to describe a thorough search of an area or place to find something.


  • verb: scrub, clean, polish, buff
  • verb: search, comb, hunt, rummage
  • noun: search, hunt, rummage, exploration

Related Words:

  • score
  • scout
  • scuba
  • scuff
  • sculk

Example Sentences:

  • The maid will scour the kitchen until it sparkles.
  • The detectives scoured the area for any clues.
  • The police conducted a scour of the woods for the missing hiker.
Scout 1. Parts of Speech

Scout is a noun and a verb.

2. Definitions

As a noun, scout means a person sent out to obtain information, typically on a military operation or a person who is a member of the Scout Association. As a verb, scout means to make a search for someone or something, especially in various places or locations, or to observe or explore in order to obtain information.

3. Pronunciations

US: /skaʊt/

UK: /skaʊt/

4. Origin and Usage

The word scout originated from the Middle French word "escoute," meaning "to listen." It was first used in English in the 14th century, referring to a person who was sent out to gather information about the enemy. Over time, the word has come to refer to anyone who is sent out to gather information, as well as to the members of the Scout Association.

5. Synonyms

As a noun: spy, reconnaissance, surveyor, explorer, investigator.

As a verb: search, explore, investigate, examine, scrutinize.

6. Related Words

scion, scour, scowl, scuba, scuff.

7. Example Sentences

As a noun:

  • The scout reported back to the general with information about the enemys position.
  • He became a scout when he was just 8 years old and has been a member ever since.

As a verb:

  • The police were scouting the area for any signs of the missing person.
  • She scouted the market for the best price on fresh produce.