5 letter words with EAC in the middle

The following list contains 7 five letter words in English

5 letter words with EAC in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with EAC in the middle with meaning

Parts of Speech

Peach is a noun and a verb.

  • As a noun, peach refers to a round fruit with juicy yellow flesh and pinkish-orange skin. It can also refer to the tree that bears this fruit.
  • As a verb, peach means to inform on someone or to betray their trust.
  • US: /piːtʃ/
  • UK: /piːtʃ/
Origin and Usage

The word peach comes from the Middle English word peche, which comes from the Old French word pesche, which means "peach" or "apricot." The word was first recorded in the English language in the 14th century.

Peaches are a popular fruit that are grown around the world, and are often eaten raw or used in desserts. The verb form of peach, meaning to inform on someone, dates back to the early 16th century and is thought to have originated in the criminal underworld.

  • As a noun: nectarine, apricot, plum, mango
  • As a verb: inform on, rat on, betray, snitch
Related Words
  • beach
  • leach
  • teach
  • reach
  • peaks
Example Sentences
  • She picked a ripe peach from the tree and took a big bite.
  • He was afraid to peach on his accomplice, but the police threatened to charge him with the crime if he didn .
Peace 1. Parts of Speech: Noun 2. Definitions:
  • The absence of war or other hostilities; freedom from civil disturbance.
  • A state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.
  • Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions.
3. Pronunciations:
  • US: /piːs/
  • UK: /piːs/
4. Origin and Usage: The word "peace" comes from the Old French "pais" meaning "peace, reconciliation, silence, agreement" and ultimately from the Latin "pax" meaning "peace, compact, agreement." The word has been in use since the 12th century and is commonly used to describe a state of tranquility and freedom from conflict. 5. Synonyms:
  • Tranquility
  • Serenity
  • Harmony
  • Calmness
  • Stillness
6. Related Words:
  • Happy
  • Trust
  • Grace
  • Calm
  • Smile
7. Example Sentences:
  • After years of conflict, the two nations finally signed a peace treaty.
  • The end of the war brought a sense of peace to the country.
  • She found peace in the quiet of the countryside.

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A sandy or pebbly shore, especially by the ocean between high- and low-water marks.

Pronunciations: US: /biːtʃ/; UK: /biːtʃ/

Origin and Usage: The word "beach" originated from Middle English beche, from Old English bæce, meaning "stream" or "brook." The word "beach" started being used in the 16th century to describe a pebbly or sandy shore. Today, it is commonly used to refer to a coastal area where people can swim, sunbathe or play games.

Synonyms: Seashore, shore, coastline, coast, sand, strand, waterfront, foreshore.

Related Words: Ocean, shore, coast, waves, sands.

Example Sentences:

  • They spent the afternoon walking along the beach.
  • The beach was crowded with people sunbathing and swimming.
  • He loved to play beach volleyball with his friends.
  • The beach was covered in seaweed and shells.
  • She enjoyed watching the waves crash onto the beach.