5 letter words with EDE in the middle

The following list contains 5 five letter words in English

5 letter words with EDE in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with EDE in the middle with meaning

Here is the information on "aedes": Parts of Speech:


  1. A genus of mosquitoes that transmit several diseases, including dengue fever, Zika virus, and yellow fever.
  2. A mosquito belonging to the genus Aedes.
  • US: /ˈeɪdiːz/
  • UK: /ˈiːdiːz/
Origin and Usage:

The word "aedes" comes from the Greek word "aēdēs," which means "unpleasant" or "odious." The genus Aedes was first described in 1818 by the Danish entomologist Johann Wilhelm Meigen. Aedes mosquitoes are found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world and are known to transmit several diseases that can be harmful to humans.

  • Yellow fever mosquito
  • Zika mosquito
  • Dengue mosquito
Related Words:
  • Agree
  • Ahead
  • Aside
  • Aside
  • Deeds
Example Sentences:
  1. She contracted dengue fever from a bite of an Aedes mosquito.
  2. Aedes aegypti is the most common species of Aedes mosquito that transmits the Zika virus.

Part of Speech: Verb

Definition: To wet with or as if with dew.

Pronunciation (US): bih-doo

Pronunciation (UK): bih-dyoo

Origin and Usage: The word bedew comes from the Middle English word "bedewen" which means to wet with dew. It was first used in the 14th century and is still in use today.

Synonyms: Moist, dampen, wet, sprinkle, besprinkle, water, humidify, drench.

Related Words: Dewed, bided, bodes, bowed, brewed.

Example Sentences:

  • He woke up to find the grass bedewed with dew.
  • She bedewed her face with tears.
  • The morning mist bedewed the trees.

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: To give up or surrender something, especially territory or rights.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈsiːdɪd/, UK: /ˈsiːdɪd/

Origin and Usage: The word "ceded" comes from the Latin word "cedere" which means "to yield." It was first used in the 16th century and is still commonly used today.

Synonyms: relinquish, surrender, yield, give up, hand over

Related Words: ceder, deice, diced, edict, icier

Example Sentences:

  • After a long battle, the defeated army ceded the territory to the enemy.
  • The company ceded control of its operations to a new CEO.
  • She ceded her position as team captain to a younger player.
Parts of Speech:


  1. To give up or surrender something, such as territory or power.
  2. To transfer or assign something to another person or entity.
  • US: /ˈsiːdiz/
  • UK: /ˈsiːdiːz/
Origin and Usage:

The word "cedes" comes from the Latin word "cedere," which means "to go, withdraw, or yield." It first appeared in English in the early 17th century. The word is often used in legal and political contexts to refer to the transfer of property, rights, or power from one party to another.

  • Relinquish
  • Give up
  • Yield
  • Surrender
  • Transfer
Related Words:
  • Acids
  • Bides
  • Cares
  • Dares
  • Eased
Example Sentences:
  1. After a long and bloody war, the defeated nation was forced to cede its territory to the victors.
  2. The company decided to cede control of its European operations to a local partner.
Here you go! Definition of Seder

1. Parts of Speech: Noun

2. Definition: A Jewish ritual service and ceremonial dinner for the first night or first two nights of Passover.

3. Pronunciations: US: /ˈseɪdər/, UK: /ˈsɛdə/

4. Origin and Usage: The word "seder" comes from Hebrew meaning "order" or "arrangement." The seder is a traditional Jewish ritual that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. It is typically held on the first two nights of Passover, and involves the retelling of the story of the Exodus, the eating of symbolic foods, and the recitation of prayers and songs.

5. Synonyms: Passover seder, Pesach seder

6. Related Words: None

7. Example Sentences:

  • They gathered around the table to begin the seder.
  • During the seder, they ate matzah and drank four cups of wine.
  • She led the singing of the traditional seder songs.