5 letter words with ENO in the middle

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5 letter words with ENO in the middle in English

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Parts of Speech: Noun


  1. The highest adult male singing voice.
  2. A settled or prevailing character or direction, especially in a musical piece.
  3. A general meaning or drift of something spoken or written.


  • US: /ˈtɛnər/
  • UK: /ˈtɛnə/

Origin and Usage:

The word "tenor" originated from the Latin word "tenere" which means "to hold." The term was initially used in the context of medieval polyphonic music to refer to the voice that held the melody. Over time, it came to refer to the highest male singing voice. Nowadays, the term is also used in a figurative sense to refer to the character or direction of something, such as the tenor of a conversation or the tenor of a political speech.


  • High-pitched voice
  • Countertenor
  • Soprano
  • Baritone
  • Bass

Related Words:

  • Tenor - the same word
  • Tonic
  • Tulip
  • Timer
  • Tutor

Example Sentences:

  • He has a beautiful tenor voice and can sing high notes with ease.
  • The tenor of the conversation shifted when they started talking about politics.
  • The tenor of the article was that the company was struggling financially.
senor 1. Parts of Speech

Senor is a noun.

2. Definitions

Senor is a Spanish term of respect used to address or refer to a man, typically one who is older or in a position of authority. It is equivalent to the English term "mister" or "sir".

3. Pronunciations

US: /seɪˈnɔr/

UK: /seˈnjɔː/

4. Origin and Usage

The word senor comes from the Spanish language and has been in use since at least the 16th century. It is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries as a term of respect when addressing or referring to a man, particularly one who is older or in a position of authority. In English, it is often used to add a touch of formality or respect when addressing a man, especially in a Spanish-speaking context.

5. Synonyms

Some synonyms for senor include mister, sir, señorito (a young man), and caballero (a gentleman).

6. Related Words

Some related 5 letter words to senor include honor, snore, and siren.

7. Example Sentences
  • When addressing an older man in Spain, it is customary to say "Buenos dias, señor."
  • The hotel staff greeted him with a polite "Buenas tardes, señor."
  • "Excuse me, señor, do you have the time?" asked the tourist.
  • As a sign of respect, the young man always addressed his boss as "Señor Garcia".