5 letter words with EPI in the middle

5 letter words with EPI in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with EPI in the middle with meaning

Heres the result: sepia 1. Parts of Speech:

noun, adjective

2. Definitions:

noun: a reddish-brown color; a brown pigment prepared from the ink of cuttlefishes; a genus of cuttlefishes that includes the common cuttlefish; a photographic process that produces brownish tones; a brownish-gray color of photographs produced by this process

adjective: of a reddish-brown color; relating to or denoting a photographic process using sepia pigment

3. Pronunciations:

US: /ˈsiːpiə/

UK: /ˈsiːpɪə/

4. Origin and Usage:

The word "sepia" comes from the Greek word "sēpía," meaning "cuttlefish." The ink of cuttlefish was used to create the brown pigment that is now known as sepia. Sepia is commonly used in photography to create a vintage or nostalgic effect. It is also used to describe a reddish-brown color.

5. Synonyms:

brown, reddish-brown, tan, beige, ochre

6. Related Words:

cutie, scape, scape, sauce, scuba, scuff, scull, scurf, scuta, scute, secco, seedy, seely, seepy, segno, seine, seise, seism, seize, selah, selfs, sella, selle, sells, selva, semen, semi-

7. Example Sentences:

noun: The photograph had a sepia tone, giving it a vintage look. The artist used sepia ink to create the painting. The cuttlefish belongs to the genus Sepia.

adjective: The sepia filter gave the photo a nostalgic feel. The sepia color of the walls complemented the wooden furniture.

Here is the information on "tepid": Parts of Speech


  1. lukewarm; neither hot nor cold
  2. showing little enthusiasm; unenthusiastic
  • US: /ˈtɛpɪd/
  • UK: /ˈtɛpɪd/
Origin and Usage

"Tepid" comes from the Latin word "tepidus" which means "lukewarm". It has been used in English since the 17th century to describe something that is neither hot nor cold. It is also used metaphorically to describe something that is unenthusiastic or lacking in energy.

  • warmish
  • bloodless
  • half-hearted
  • indifferent
  • uninspired
Related Words
  • tempi
  • timed
  • tempe
  • petit
  • imped
Example Sentences
  • The soup was tepid, not hot enough to be enjoyable.
  • Her response was tepid, showing little enthusiasm for the idea.
  • The tepid water in the pool was not refreshing on such a hot day.