5 letter words with ERA in the middle

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5 letter words with ERA in the middle in English

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Part of Speech: Adjective

Definition: Referring to an animal that is wild and untamed, often used to describe domestic animals that have returned to a wild state. Can also be used to describe a person who is wild or savage in behavior.

Pronunciation (US): feer-uhl

Pronunciation (UK): feer-uhl

Origin and Usage: The word "feral" comes from the Latin word "ferus" which means "wild." It was first used in the English language in the early 17th century to describe animals that were once domesticated but have returned to a wild state. Today, the word is also used to describe people who exhibit wild or untamed behavior.

Synonyms: Wild, untamed, savage, undomesticated, uncivilized

Related Words: Beast, brute, wilder

Example Sentences:

  • After being abandoned by its owner, the cat became feral and learned to survive on its own.
  • The feral dog growled and bared its teeth at the hikers.
  • The feral child had been living in the forest for years and had forgotten how to speak.
  • The abandoned house was overrun with feral cats.
  • Her feral behavior at the party shocked everyone.
Definition of Reran

1. Parts of Speech: Reran is a verb.

2. Definition: Reran is the past tense of the verb "rerun," which means to show or broadcast a TV show, movie, or play again.

3. Pronunciations: The US pronunciation of reran is /ˌriːˈræn/, and the UK pronunciation is /ˌriːˈrʌn/.

4. Origin and Usage: The word reran comes from the combination of "re-" and "run." Reran is commonly used in the context of television shows, movies, and plays. It is often used to describe a show or movie that is being shown again, either because it was popular or because it was missed by some viewers the first time around.

5. Synonyms: Some synonyms for reran include rebroadcast, replayed, and reshowed.

6. Related Words: Some related 5 letter words to reran include arena, rarer, and renal.

7. Example Sentences:

  • They reran the episode of their favorite TV show last night.
  • The theater decided to rerun the popular play for another week.
  • The movie was so good that the theater decided to rerun it for a second time.
Heres the requested information about "serac": 1. Parts of Speech: Noun 2. Definitions: - A pinnacle or ridge of ice on the surface of a glacier, typically formed by melting and refreezing. 3. Pronunciations: - US: /ˈsɛræk/ - UK: /ˈsɛrak/ 4. Origin and Usage: - The word "serac" comes from the French word "sérac" which means a block of ice. It was first used in English in the 19th century to describe the jagged ice formations found on glaciers. The term is commonly used in mountaineering and glaciology. 5. Synonyms: - Ice pinnacle, ice tower, ice cliff 6. Related Words: - Glacier, crevasse, frost, frosty, icier 7. Example Sentences: - The climbers were careful to avoid the seracs on their way up the mountain. - The seracs on the glacier made for a beautiful but treacherous landscape. - The melting of the seracs is a sign of global warmings impact on the environment.
Here is the requested information on the word "seral": Seral 1. Parts of Speech:


2. Definitions:

Relating to or denoting the intermediate stage in a process of ecological succession before climax community is established.

3. Pronunciations:

US: /ˈsɪrəl/

UK: /ˈsɪərəl/

4. Origin and Usage:

The word "seral" originates from the Latin word "serere" which means "to sow" or "to plant". In ecology, the term "seral" is used to describe the intermediate stage in a process of ecological succession before the climax community is established. It is commonly used in scientific literature and research papers.

5. Synonyms:

Transitional, intermediate, in-between, evolving, developing.

6. Related Words:

Scale, slate, steal, tales, stare.

7. Example Sentences:
  • The seral stage of the forest is characterized by fast-growing species.
  • Ecologists study the seral stages of ecosystems to understand how they change over time.
  • The seral community of the wetland is dominated by cattails and sedges.
Here is the result in HTML text formatting: Definition of Teras

1. Parts of Speech: Noun

2. Definition: Teras is a plural form of tera, which is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting multiplication by 10^12 or 1,000,000,000,000.

3. Pronunciations: In US English, teras is pronounced as "TEH-ruhz". In UK English, it is pronounced as "TEER-uhs".

4. Origin and Usage: The prefix tera comes from the Greek word "teras" meaning "monster" or "marvel". It was first introduced in 1960 by the International System of Units (SI) as part of the metric system to represent extremely large quantities of data, such as in computing and telecommunications.

5. Synonyms: There are no synonyms for teras as it is a unit prefix.

6. Related Words: There are no related 5 letter words for teras as it is a unit prefix.

7. Example Sentences:

  • The computers hard drive has a storage capacity of 2 teras.
  • The telecommunication company reported a data transfer of 3.5 teras in the last quarter.