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5 letter words with ESE in the middle in English

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**Parts of Speech:** Reset is a verb and a noun. **Definitions:** * As a verb, reset means to set again or to adjust something to its original position or state. * As a noun, reset means a new start or a fresh beginning. **Pronunciations:** * US: /riːˈsɛt/ * UK: /riːˈsɛt/ **Origin and Usage:** The word "reset" comes from the Middle English word "resetten," which means to set again or to receive back. Reset has been in use since the 15th century, and its usage has evolved over time. It is commonly used in the context of technology, such as resetting a device or computer, but it can also be used in other contexts, such as resetting a broken bone. **Synonyms:** * Restart * Reboot * Restore * Renew * Begin again **Related Words:** * Start * Begin * Clear * Clean * Adapt **Example Sentences:** * Verb: She reset the clock after it stopped working. * Noun: The company decided to do a reset of their marketing strategy.
Definition of Beset

Beset is a verb that means to trouble or harass persistently. It can also mean to surround or hem in, as if with difficulties. The US pronunciation of beset is buh-set, while the UK pronunciation is bih-set.

Origin and Usage of Beset

The word beset comes from the Old English word "besettan," which means to surround or besiege. It has been in use since the 13th century and is commonly used in literature and everyday language.

Parts of Speech for Beset

Beset is a verb, which means it is an action word that describes an occurrence or state of being.

Synonyms for Beset

Synonyms for beset include harass, plague, torment, pester, bother, trouble, afflict, and vex.

Related Words to Beset

Related 5 letter words to beset include beets, besot, betes, and setts.

Example Sentences Using Beset
  • The company was beset by financial difficulties.
  • The town was beset by a plague of rats.
  • The hikers were beset by a sudden storm.
  • The traveler was beset by thieves on the road.
  • The team was beset by injuries throughout the season.