5 letter words with IER in the middle

The following list contains 3 five letter words in English

5 letter words with IER in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with IER in the middle with meaning


Parts of Speech: adjective

Definition: having a strong, burning sensation; intensely hot; passionate, full of strong emotion; containing or consisting of fire

Pronunciations: US: /ˈfaɪəri/; UK: /ˈfaɪəri/

Origin and Usage: The word "fiery" comes from the Middle English word "firi" which means "consisting of fire". It has been used since the 14th century to describe things that are hot or burning, and since the 16th century to describe people who are passionate or full of strong emotion. It is commonly used in both formal and informal contexts.

Synonyms: blazing, burning, flaming, hot, passionate, ardent, fervent, intense, vehement, zealous

Related Words: flame, blaze, heat, fever, angry

Example Sentences:

  • The fiery sun beat down on the desert.
  • The chef cooked the steak to a fiery perfection.
  • Her fiery temper often got her into trouble.
  • The band played with a fiery intensity that left the audience breathless.
Piers 1. Parts of Speech Piers is a noun. 2. Definitions Piers refer to a structure built on the shore of a body of water, such as a river or ocean, to provide a landing place for ships, boats, and ferries. 3. Pronunciations (US, UK) US: /ˈpɪrz/ UK: /pɪəz/ 4. Origin and Usage The word "piers" originated from the Middle English word "pere" which means "stone support of a pier." Piers have been used for centuries as a way for boats and ships to dock safely at a shore. They are commonly found near coastal areas and riverbanks. 5. Synonyms Synonyms for piers include dock, wharf, quay, jetty, and landing. 6. Related Words Related five-letter words include pierce, peace, price, piece, and spice. 7. Example Sentences - The cruise ship docked at the pier, allowing passengers to disembark and explore the city. - The fishermen returned to the pier with their catch of the day. - The pier was damaged in the storm, and repairs had to be made before it could be used again. - The ferry departed from the pier, headed for the nearby island. - The children enjoyed jumping off the end of the pier into the cool water below.
Tiers 1. Parts of Speech:

Plural noun

2. Definitions:
  • A series of rows or levels arranged one above the other.
  • A person or thing that ties or binds.
3. Pronunciations:
  • US: /tɪrz/
  • UK: /tɪəz/
4. Origin and Usage:

The word "tiers" originated from the Middle English word "tyer", which means "row, rank, or line". The word is commonly used to refer to levels or rows arranged one above the other, such as in a tiered cake or seating arrangement. It can also refer to a person or thing that ties or binds, such as a tier of a rope ladder.

5. Synonyms:
  • Levels
  • Rows
  • Ranks
6. Related Words:
  • Tires
  • Tries
  • Rites
  • Sites
  • Sties
7. Example Sentences:
  • The wedding cake had three tiers, each decorated with a different flavor and frosting.
  • The tiers of the stadium were filled with cheering fans.
  • The rope ladder had several tiers tied together to make it long enough to reach the ground.