5 letter words with IRC in the middle

5 letter words with IRC in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with IRC in the middle with meaning

Parts of Speech

Noun, verb

  1. a type of tree with smooth bark and thin branches
  2. to hit someone with a thin stick or rod made of birch wood
  • US: /bɝtʃ/
  • UK: /bɜːtʃ/
Origin and Usage

The word "birch" comes from Old English "bierce." It has been used since the Middle Ages to make furniture, tools, and paper. Birch trees are also popular for their ornamental value in landscaping.

  • birch tree
  • silver birch
  • paper birch
Related Words
  • beech
  • brach
  • broch
  • brugh
  • butch
Example Sentences
  • The birch tree has smooth bark and thin branches.
  • He was birched for stealing.
Parts of Speech:

Circa is a preposition and adverb.


As a preposition, circa means approximately or around. As an adverb, it means at or in approximately the same period.


US: /ˈsɜːrkə/ or /ˈsɜːrkər/

UK: /ˈsɜːkə/ or /ˈsɜːkər/

Origin and Usage:

The word "circa" comes from Latin, meaning "around" or "about." It is commonly used to indicate an approximate date or time, especially when the exact date is unknown or disputed. For example, "The pyramids were built circa 2500 BCE." It is often abbreviated as "c." in English, such as "c. 1900" to indicate "around the year 1900."


Approximately, around, about, nearly, almost

Related Words:

Close, cycle, charm, chase, carry

Example Sentences:
  • Circa 200 people attended the concert.
  • The manuscript was written circa 1200 AD.
  • The painting was created circa 1600.
  • The building was constructed circa 1900.
  • The company was founded circa 1990.