5 letter words with KAL in the middle

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5 letter words with KAL in the middle in English

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Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A Scandinavian poet or bard who composed and recited poems, often about heroes and historical events.

Pronunciations: US: /skɔld/, UK: /skɑːld/

Origin and Usage: The word "skald" is derived from Old Norse "skáld," which means "poet" or "singer." Skalds were important figures in Norse culture, and their poetry was often used to commemorate important events and figures. Today, the word "skald" is used to refer to poets and bards who specialize in Norse-inspired poetry and music.

Synonyms: Poet, Bard, Troubadour

Related Words: Blade, Braid, Chald, Clade, Falds

Example Sentences:

  • The skald recited a stirring poem about the exploits of the legendary warrior, Beowulf.
  • Many modern skalds draw inspiration from the rich mythology and history of the Norse people.
  • The skalds poetry was so moving that it brought tears to the eyes of the audience.