5 letter words with LUD in the middle

The following list contains 1 five letter word in English

5 letter words with LUD in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with LUD in the middle with meaning


Part of Speech: verb

Definition: To escape or avoid by quickness, cunning, trickery, etc.; evade.

Pronunciation (US): ih-lood

Pronunciation (UK): ih-lood

Origin and Usage: The word "elude" originated from the Latin word "eludere" which means "to play with". It was first used in the English language in the 16th century. The word is commonly used in both formal and informal contexts to describe avoiding or escaping something.

Synonyms: avoid, dodge, escape, evade, shake, shirk

Related Words: evade, avoid, escape

Example Sentences:

  • She tried to elude the paparazzi by sneaking out the back door.
  • The criminal managed to elude the police by hiding in a basement.
  • Despite his best efforts, the answer still eluded him.