5 letter words with MAS in the middle

5 letter words with MAS in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with MAS in the middle with meaning

Heres your result: Word: Amass 1. Parts of Speech: Verb 2. Definitions:
  • To gather or collect something, especially in large quantities.
  • To accumulate wealth or resources.
3. Pronunciations:
  • US: /əˈmæs/
  • UK: /əˈmɑːs/
4. Origin and Usage: The word "amass" comes from the Old French word "amasser," which means "to accumulate." It was first used in English in the 15th century. The word is commonly used to describe the act of collecting or gathering something, especially in large quantities. It can also be used to describe the accumulation of wealth or resources. 5. Synonyms:
  • Collect
  • Gather
  • Accumulate
  • Hoard
  • Stockpile
6. Related Words:
  • Asset
  • Clasp
  • Crave
  • Drain
  • Flask
7. Example Sentences:
  • He has been amassing a collection of rare books for years.
  • The company has been amassing a large amount of cash reserves.
  • She amasses a fortune from her successful business ventures.
Smash Parts of Speech

Noun, verb


As a noun, smash means a violent collision or impact, or a great success or achievement. As a verb, smash means to break or shatter violently, or to hit or strike with great force.


US: /smæʃ/

UK: /smæʃ/

Origin and Usage

The word smash originated in the early 18th century from the Middle English word "smashen" which means to break or destroy. It has been used in various contexts, including sports, music, and entertainment.


Noun: crash, collision, impact, success, achievement

Verb: break, shatter, destroy, hit, strike

Related Words

Crash, break, shake, crush, splat

Example Sentences


  • The car was a total smash after the collision.
  • The movie was a box office smash, grossing over $100 million.


  • He accidentally smashed the vase while cleaning it.
  • The tennis player smashed the ball over the net for a point.