5 letter words with ORR in the middle

The following list contains 3 five letter words in English

5 letter words with ORR in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with ORR in the middle with meaning

Lorry 1. Parts of Speech:


2. Definitions:
  1. A large, heavy motor vehicle used for transporting goods or troops; a truck (British English).
  2. A large, open wagon with no sides, used for carrying coal, ore, or other heavy loads (archaic).
3. Pronunciations:
  • US: /ˈlɔːri/
  • UK: /ˈlɒri/
4. Origin and Usage:

The word "lorry" originated in the UK in the early 20th century as a shortened form of "motor lorry". It is commonly used in British English to refer to a large, heavy motor vehicle used for transporting goods or troops. In American English, this type of vehicle is more commonly referred to as a "truck".

5. Synonyms:
  • Truck
  • Semi-trailer
  • 18-wheeler
  • Big rig
6. Related Words:
  • Truck
  • Wagon
  • Trailer
  • Motor
  • Carry
7. Example Sentences:
  • He drove the lorry to the warehouse to pick up the shipment.
  • The old coal lorry rattled down the road, spewing black smoke from its exhaust.
Word: Worry
  1. Parts of Speech: verb, noun
  2. Definitions:
    1. (verb) to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems
    2. (verb) to cause someone to feel anxious or troubled
    3. (noun) a state of anxiety or concern about actual or potential problems
  3. Pronunciations:
    1. (US) /ˈwʌri/
    2. (UK) /ˈwʌri/
  4. Origin and Usage:
    1. The word "worry" originated from the Old English word "wyrgan," which means "to strangle." It was first used in the 14th century to describe the act of seizing and shaking something. Over time, the meaning of the word evolved to describe a state of anxiety or concern.
    2. The word is commonly used in everyday conversation and writing to describe a feeling of unease or concern about actual or potential problems. It is often associated with stress and can have negative effects on a persons mental and physical health if left unchecked.
  5. Synonyms: fret, stress, agonize, concern, disturb
  6. Related Words: happy, party, diary, mercy, sugar
  7. Example Sentences:
    1. She worries about her sons safety when hes out late at night.
    2. The news about the pandemic is causing a lot of people to worry.
    3. He worries that he won be able to finish the project on time.
    4. The constant worry is affecting her ability to sleep at night.
    5. He tried not to show his worry about the upcoming exam.
zorro Parts of Speech


  1. a fox, especially the red fox.
  2. a masked outlaw who defends the poor and oppressed in Spanish-speaking areas.

US: /ˈzɔroʊ/

UK: /ˈzɒrəʊ/

Origin and Usage

The word "zorro" comes from Spanish, where it means "fox." In English, it is used to refer to both the animal and the masked outlaw character in Spanish-speaking areas. The character of Zorro was created in 1919 by writer Johnston McCulley and has since become a popular figure in literature and media.


fox, outlaw, hero, defender, champion

Related Words

foxes, hero, rebel, rogue, sword

Example Sentences
  1. She saw a zorro darting across the road and into the bushes.
  2. Zorro rode into town to confront the corrupt officials and defend the poor villagers.