5 letter words with OTL in the middle

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5 letter words with OTL in the middle in English

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Part of speech: Adverb

Definition: In a heated or intense manner; with strong feeling or emotion.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈhɑtli/, UK: /ˈhɒtli/

Origin and Usage: The word "hotly" is derived from the adjective "hot." It has been in use since the 14th century, with its earliest recorded use dating back to the year 1350. The word is commonly used in both spoken and written English, and is often used to describe intense or passionate emotions or actions.

Synonyms: Passionately, fervently, vehemently, ardently, intensely.

Related Words: Hotel, hoist, hosta, holly, helot.

Example Sentences:

  • She argued hotly with her opponent during the debate.
  • The two teams contested hotly for the championship title.
  • The politician defended his position hotly against his critics.
  • He pursued his dream hotly and never gave up.
  • The lovers embraced hotly and passionately.