5 letter words with PAS in the middle

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5 letter words with PAS in the middle in English

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Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A sudden involuntary muscular contraction or convulsive movement.

Pronunciation (US): /ˈspæzəm/

Pronunciation (UK): /ˈspaz(ə)m/

Origin and Usage: The word "spasm" originated from the Latin word "spasmus" and the Greek word "spasmos," both of which mean "a spasm, convulsion." It has been used in English since the 16th century.

Synonyms: Convulsion, cramp, twitch, seizure, contraction.

Related Words: Cramp, twitch, shake, quake, tremor.

Example Sentences:

  • He had a spasm in his back that made it difficult for him to move.
  • She experienced a spasm of pain in her leg.
  • The patients spasm was so severe that he had to be hospitalized.
  • Stress can cause muscle spasms in some people.
  • The spasm in her neck made it difficult for her to turn her head.