5 letter words with RAT in the middle

The following list contains 9 five letter words in English

5 letter words with RAT in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with RAT in the middle with meaning


Part of Speech: verb, noun


  • Verb: to reduce something to small pieces by rubbing it against a rough or sharp surface; to make an unpleasant sound by rubbing against something
  • Noun: a frame of metal bars used for holding coal or wood in a fireplace; a harsh rasping sound made by scraping something on a rough surface


  • US: /ɡreɪt/
  • UK: /ɡreɪt/

Origin and Usage:

The verb "grate" originated from the Old French word "grater," which means "to scrape." The noun "grate" originated from the Middle English word "grate," which means "a grating or lattice." Both the verb and noun have been in use since the 14th century.


  • Verb: shred, grind, scrape, rasp, abrade, file
  • Noun: grill, lattice, screen, mesh, trellis

Related Words:

  • Great
  • Grace
  • Grave
  • Grape
  • Grass

Example Sentences:

  • He used a cheese grater to grate the Parmesan cheese for the pasta dish.
  • The metal chair legs grated against the tile floor, making an unpleasant sound.
  • She placed the logs on the grate and started a fire in the fireplace.
  • The sound of the rusty gate opening grated on her nerves.
Irate Parts of Speech

Irate is an adjective.

  • Feeling or characterized by great anger; enraged (source: Lexico)
  • US: /ˈaɪreɪt/
  • UK: /ʌɪˈreɪt/
Origin and Usage

Irate comes from the Latin word "iratus," meaning "angry." It has been used in English since the mid-19th century. Irate is commonly used to describe someone who is extremely angry or furious.

  • Angry
  • Enraged
  • Furious
  • Incensed
  • Mad
Related Words
  • Angry
  • Madly
  • Fury
  • Riled
  • Upset
Example Sentences
  1. The customer was irate when he found out his order was incorrect.
  2. She became irate when she saw the damage to her car.
  3. He was irate with his boss for not giving him a raise.
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Drats is a noun and an interjection.


As a noun, drats means an expression of disappointment or annoyance.

As an interjection, drats is used to express disappointment or frustration.


US: /dræts/

UK: /drats/

Origin and Usage

The origin of drats is unclear, but it is believed to be a euphemism for "damn." It is commonly used as an exclamation of disappointment or frustration.


Similar expressions to drats include "darn," "rats," and "shoot."

Related Words

Related 5 letter words include "draft," "grate," "trade," and "stead."

Example Sentences
  • Drats, I forgot my keys again!
  • She muttered drats under her breath when she saw the flat tire.
Here is the requested information on "brats": Parts of Speech:


  • A child, especially one who behaves badly or irritates others.
  • A type of sausage, typically made of pork and sometimes beef, often served grilled or fried.
  • US: /bræts/
  • UK: /bræts/
Origin and Usage:

The word "brats" has a German origin and was first used in English in the late 1500s to refer to a type of sausage. Its usage expanded in the 1800s to include the meaning of a mischievous or ill-behaved child. Today, "brats" is commonly used to refer to both the sausage and the child.

  • Child: kid, youngster, juvenile
  • Sausage: frankfurter, hot dog, weiner
Related Words:
  • Braid
  • Brake
  • Brawn
  • Bread
  • Brisk
Example Sentences:
  • The little brats next door are always making noise and disturbing the peace.
  • He grilled up some brats for the barbecue last weekend.