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5 letter words with RC in the middle in English

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Common 5 letter words with RC in the middle with meaning


Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A humorous play or performance characterized by exaggerated, improbable situations and actions.

Pronunciations: US: /fɑrs/; UK: /fɑːs/

Origin and Usage: The word "farce" originated in the 14th century from the Old French word "farse" meaning "stuff, padding". It was used to describe a type of play that was meant to make the audience laugh by using exaggerated and improbable situations. Farces were popular in the 16th and 17th centuries and continue to be performed today.

Synonyms: Comedy, burlesque, satire, slapstick, parody.

Related Words: Drama, humor, wit, jest, spoof.

Example Sentences:

  • The play was a farce that had the audience laughing from beginning to end.
  • The movie was a hilarious farce that poked fun at the political system.
  • The comedians routine was filled with farce and physical comedy.
Definition of Parch

1. Parts of Speech: Verb

2. Definition: To make something very dry, especially by exposing it to heat.

3. Pronunciations: US: /pɑːrtʃ/, UK: /pɑːtʃ/

4. Origin and Usage: The word "parch" dates back to the 14th century and comes from the Old French word "parchier," meaning "to dry up." It is commonly used to describe the process of drying out food items such as meat, fruit, or grains. It can also be used in a figurative sense to describe a persons thirst or a lack of water in a particular area.

5. Synonyms: Dry, dehydrate, wither, scorch, desiccate.

6. Related Words: Chirp, march, porch, torch, birch.

7. Example Sentences:

  • He left the fruit out in the sun to parch it.
  • The hot desert sun had parched her throat and she desperately needed water.
  • The drought had caused the land to become parched and barren.

1. Parts of Speech: Noun

2. Definitions: Merch is short for merchandise, which refers to products or goods that are sold for profit. It can also refer to the promotional items used to advertise a brand or product.

3. Pronunciations: US: /mɜrtʃ/; UK: /mɜːtʃ/

4. Origin and Usage: The term "merch" is a slang term that originated in the music industry, where it was used to refer to the merchandise sold at concerts and other events. It has since been adopted by other industries, such as sports and fashion, to refer to their own merchandise. The term has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping.

5. Synonyms: merchandise, products, goods, wares, stock

6. Related Words: There are no related 5 letter words for "merch".

7. Example Sentences:

  • They sold a lot of merch at the concert last night.
  • The companys merch line includes t-shirts, hats, and stickers.
  • She received a free piece of merch with her purchase.

Parts of Speech: verb, noun


  • verb: make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements; stagger
  • verb: act or move in a sudden, awkward, or unexpected way
  • noun: an abrupt uncontrolled movement; a stagger


  • US: /lərtʃ/
  • UK: /lɜːtʃ/

Origin and Usage:

The word "lurch" originated in the late 16th century from the French word "lourche" meaning a game played with a ball. Its meaning evolved to refer to an unsteady movement, and later to a sudden or unexpected movement. Today, "lurch" is commonly used to describe a sudden or uncontrolled movement or change in direction.


  • stagger
  • lunge
  • pitch
  • sway
  • tilt

Related Words:

  • crash
  • fling
  • plunge
  • shake
  • surge

Example Sentences:

  • He lurched to his feet and stumbled towards the door.
  • The boat lurched violently in the stormy sea.
  • She lurched forward as the train suddenly stopped.
  • The economy is in a lurch due to the pandemic.
Parts of Speech


  • A type of deciduous coniferous tree with needle-like leaves and small cones.
  • US: /lɑːrtʃ/
  • UK: /lɑːtʃ/
Origin and Usage
  • The word larch comes from the Old French larc, which means "larch tree." Larch trees are native to the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere and are often found in mountainous areas. They are known for their tough, durable wood and are commonly used for construction and furniture making.
  • None
Related Words
  • Beach
  • Bench
  • Bunch
  • Crash
  • Flash
Example Sentences
  • The larch trees needles turn yellow in the fall.
  • The carpenter used larch wood to build the new deck.
  • She enjoyed hiking through the larch forest.