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5 letter words with TEI in the middle in English

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Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A large beer mug, typically made of glass or stoneware, with a handle.

Pronunciation (US): /staɪn/

Pronunciation (UK): /staɪn/

Origin and Usage: The word "stein" comes from the German word "Steinzeugkrug," meaning "stoneware jug or tankard." Steins were originally made of stoneware or earthenware and were used to store and serve beer. Today, steins are often made of glass and are popular souvenirs from Germany and other countries known for their beer.

Synonyms: Beer mug, tankard, ale glass

Related Words: Mug, glass, drink, pint, ale

Example Sentences:

  • He ordered a large stein of beer at the pub.
  • The souvenir shop sold a variety of decorative steins.
  • She lifted the heavy stein to take a sip of her beer.