5 letter words with UAN in the middle

The following list contains 4 five letter words in English

5 letter words with UAN in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with UAN in the middle with meaning

Guana 1. Parts of Speech


2. Definitions
  1. A type of lizard native to Central and South America.
  2. A small island in the Caribbean, typically uninhabited.
3. Pronunciations (US, UK)
  • US: /ˈɡwɑːnə/
  • UK: /ˈɡwɑːnə/
4. Origin and Usage

The word "guana" is believed to have originated from the Taíno language, spoken by the indigenous people of the Caribbean. It was first used in English in the 16th century to refer to the lizards found in Central and South America. The word is now commonly used to refer to small uninhabited islands in the Caribbean, especially those that are popular for sailing and snorkeling.

5. Synonyms


6. Related Words
  • Alamo
  • Bison
  • Cobra
  • Dolph
  • Elbow
7. Example Sentences
  1. The iguana is a type of guana that is commonly found in Central and South America.
  2. They spent the day exploring the uninhabited guana off the coast of Antigua.

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: Guano refers to the excrement of seabirds, cave-dwelling bats, and seals that accumulates on the floor of the roosting areas. It is a valuable fertilizer and a source of various chemical compounds.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈɡwɑnoʊ/, UK: /ˈɡwɑːnəʊ/

Origin and Usage: The word guano comes from the Spanish word "guano," which means "dung." It was first used in English in the mid-19th century. Guano was a valuable commodity in the 19th century, and it was widely used as a fertilizer. Its popularity declined in the 20th century due to the development of synthetic fertilizers. However, guano is still used in some parts of the world as a source of fertilizer and as a raw material for the production of certain chemicals.

Synonyms: Bird droppings, bat droppings, seal excrement, manure, fertilizer

Related Words: Fecal, feces, poop, dung, waste

Example Sentences:

  • The guano on the island was so thick that it looked like snow.
  • Guano is a valuable source of nitrogen and phosphorus for plants.
  • The company specializes in the production of guano-based fertilizers.
  • The guano deposits on the island were mined for many years.
  • Guano is an important source of income for many people in Peru.
Here is the requested information on "quant": Parts of Speech

Noun, Verb


As a noun, "quant" refers to a quantitative analyst who works in the finance industry. As a verb, "quant" means to measure or assess something quantitatively.


US: /kwɑːnt/, UK: /kwɒnt/

Origin and Usage

The term "quant" originated in the 1980s and 1990s in the finance industry in the United States. It is a shortened form of "quantitative analyst," which refers to someone who uses mathematical and statistical methods to analyze financial markets and investments. The verb form of "quant" is less common and is typically used in technical or scientific contexts to mean measuring or assessing something in a quantitative way.


As a noun, synonyms for "quant" include quantitative analyst, quant analyst, and quant researcher. As a verb, synonyms include measure, assess, and calculate.

Related Words

quota, query, quiet, quell, queen

Example Sentences
  • As a noun: "The bank hired a team of quants to develop complex financial models."
  • As a verb: "The researchers used a variety of tools to quant the levels of pollution in the river."
Here is the result in HTML text formatting: ruana

Parts of Speech: noun

Definition: A ruana is a poncho-like outer garment typical of the Andes region of Venezuela and Colombia, particularly in the Boyacá department and Antioquia. It is made of wool, acrylic, or cotton, and sometimes decorated with intricate designs.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈruːənə/, UK: /ˈruːɑːnə/

Origin and Usage: The word "ruana" comes from the Chibcha language, spoken by the indigenous people of the Andes region. The ruana has been worn by the indigenous people of the Andes for centuries, and it remains a popular garment in the region today. In recent years, the ruana has gained popularity in other parts of the world, particularly in the United States, where it is often worn as a stylish outer garment.

Synonyms: poncho, shawl, cape

Related Words: ponch, shawl, cloak, cape

Example Sentences:

  • She wore a colorful ruana over her outfit to keep warm on the chilly night.
  • The ruana is a traditional garment of the Andes region.
  • He bought a new ruana to wear on his trip to Colombia.