5 letter words with UGH in the middle

5 letter words with UGH in the middle in English

Common 5 letter words with UGH in the middle with meaning

Parts of Speech:

Noun, pronoun, adverb, adjective

  • Anything at all (noun)
  • The figure zero (noun)
  • For nothing (adverb)
  • In vain (adverb)
  • Nonexistent (adjective)
  • US: /ɔt/ or /ɑt/
  • UK: /ɔːt/ or /ɒt/
Origin and Usage:

The word "aught" comes from Old English "āwiht," meaning "anything, something." It has been used in English since the 14th century. In modern usage, "aught" is most commonly used to mean "nothing" or "zero," as in "I have aught to do today." It can also be used to mean "anything at all," as in "She will do aught to help her friends."

  • Nothing
  • Zero
  • Anything
  • Everything
Related Words:
  • Naught
  • Bought
  • Faith
  • Haunt
  • Taunt
Example Sentences:
  • He had aught to say about the matter.
  • She had aught to do with the companys failure.
  • The balance in his bank account was aught.
  • The team scored aught in the first half.
  • She searched every corner of the room, but found aught.
Parts of Speech

Ought is a modal verb.

  • Used to indicate duty or correctness, typically when criticizing someones actions. (e.g. "You ought to apologize.")
  • Used to indicate something that is probable. (e.g. "It ought to rain later.")
  • US: /ɔt/
  • UK: /ɔːt/
Origin and Usage

Ought is derived from the Middle English word "aught", meaning "anything". It has been used in English since the 14th century and has remained in common usage. It is often used to express obligation or duty, but can also be used to express probability or expectation.

  • Should
  • Must
  • Have to
Related Words
  • Bought
  • Naught
  • Wrought
Example Sentences
  • He ought to study more if he wants to pass the test.
  • You ought to be more careful when you e driving.
  • It ought to be a nice day for a picnic.