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5 letter words ending in AFE in English

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Parts of Speech: verb, noun


  1. (v.) to irritate or rub against something causing friction
  2. (v.) to become irritated or sore from rubbing
  3. (n.) soreness or irritation caused by rubbing


  • US: /tʃeɪf/
  • UK: /tʃeɪf/

Origin and Usage: The word "chafe" comes from the Middle English word "chafen" which means "to warm by rubbing". It has been in use since the 14th century. The verb form of "chafe" is often used to describe irritation or discomfort caused by rubbing, while the noun form is used to describe the soreness or irritation itself.

Synonyms: irritate, rub, grate, abrade, scratch

Related Words: blaze, craze, glaze, graze, razer

Example Sentences:

  • The tight shoes chafed his feet and caused blisters.
  • The rough fabric of the shirt chafed against her skin.
  • After the long hike, his backpack had chafed his shoulders.
  • The constant bickering between the two coworkers began to chafe on everyones nerves.