5 letter words ending in APH

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5 letter words ending in APH in English

5 letter words ending in RAPH

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Part of Speech: Noun, Verb

Definition: A diagram showing the relation between variable quantities, typically measured along two axes at right angles. To plot or represent (something) on a graph.

Pronunciations: US: /ɡræf/; UK: /ɡrɑːf/

Origin and Usage: The word "graph" comes from the Greek word "graphein" meaning "to write." It was first used in the 16th century to refer to a diagram or chart. In modern usage, it is commonly used in mathematics, science, and statistics to represent data visually.

Synonyms: Chart, diagram, plot, table, figure.

Related Words: Chart, trace, plot, scale, curve.

Example Sentences:

  • The graph shows a steady increase in temperature over time.
  • She graphed the results of the experiment to better understand the data.
  • The sales graph indicated a decline in revenue for the quarter.