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5 letter words ending in BEL in English

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Here is the requested information: Rebel

Part of Speech: Noun, Verb

Definition: As a noun, rebel refers to a person who resists authority, control, or tradition. As a verb, it means to resist or defy authority or control.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈrɛbəl/, UK: /ˈrɛb(ə)l/

Origin and Usage: The word rebel comes from the Latin word rebellis, which means "waging war again." It has been used since the 14th century to describe someone who resists or defies authority or control. In recent times, the word has been used to describe political or social movements that resist the status quo.

Synonyms: Noun: dissenter, insurgent, revolutionary, mutineer, agitator. Verb: defy, resist, oppose, disobey, challenge.

Related Words: There are several related 5 letter words, including: revolt, feist, bluer, bluer, brier.

Example Sentences:

  • The rebels fought against the government forces for years.
  • She rebelled against her strict upbringing and moved to the city.
  • The students rebelled against the new dress code policy.
  • He was labeled a rebel for speaking out against the companys policies.

Parts of Speech: Noun, verb


  1. a small piece of paper, fabric, plastic, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it.
  2. to attach a label to (something).
  3. to describe or categorize (someone or something) in a way that is inaccurate or unfair.


  • US: /ˈleɪbəl/
  • UK: /ˈleɪbl̩/

Origin and Usage: The word "label" comes from the Old French word "label" meaning "ribbon, fringe". It was originally used to describe a piece of ribbon or cloth attached to a garment for identification purposes. The verb form of "label" came into use in the 17th century and means "to attach a label to something". The figurative sense of "labeling" someone or something in a negative or unfair way has been in use since the 19th century.

Synonyms: tag, sticker, marker, tab, ticket

Related Words: badge, brand, stamp, tabby, tache

Example Sentences:

  • The label on the back of the shirt said "100% cotton".
  • She carefully labeled each jar with its contents.
  • Don label him as lazy just because he doesn like to work late.