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Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A medium to large-sized sailboat or motorboat used for recreation or racing.

Pronunciations: US: /jɑt/; UK: /jɒt/

Origin and Usage: The word "yacht" originated from the Dutch word "jacht" which means "hunt". It was originally used to refer to fast, light sailing vessels that were used by the Dutch navy to chase pirates. The term later evolved to refer to any pleasure boat, regardless of size or propulsion method. Today, yachts are often associated with luxury and are used for recreation or racing.

Synonyms: Cruiser, sailboat, motorboat, vessel, boat.

Related Words: Boats, ships, sails, motor, speed.

Example Sentences:

  • He spent the weekend on his yacht, sailing along the coast.
  • The yacht club is hosting a regatta next month.
  • The billionaires yacht was the largest one in the marina.
  • The couple chartered a yacht for their honeymoon.
  • The yacht was equipped with a state-of-the-art navigation system.
Parts of Speech

"Nicht" is a German adverb.


"Nicht" is the German word for "not." It is used to create negative sentences or to negate a statement.


US: /nɪkt/

UK: /nɪxt/

Origin and Usage

"Nicht" originated from Old High German "niwiht" meaning "nothing." It has been used in the German language for centuries and is a common word in everyday conversation.


The synonyms of "nicht" include "kein," "nimmer," and "niemals," which all mean "not" or "never."

Related Words

Words related to "nicht" include "nichts," which means "nothing," and "nichtig," which means "trivial."

Example Sentences
  • "Ich mag keine Schokolade." (I don like chocolate.)
  • "Er hat nicht genug Geld." (He doesn have enough money.)
  • "Nichts ist unmöglich." (Nothing is impossible.)