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Here is the result in HTML text formatting: Oldie 1. Parts of Speech


2. Definitions
  • An old person, especially one who is no longer active in their profession or career (e.g. "Hes an oldie but a goodie").
  • A song, movie, or other cultural artifact that was popular or well-known in the past (e.g. "That song is an oldie but a goodie").
3. Pronunciations (US, UK)
  • US: /ˈoʊldi/
  • UK: /ˈəʊldi/
4. Origin and Usage

The word "oldie" originated in the early 1900s as a slang term for an old person. It later came to be used to refer to cultural artifacts that were popular in the past, such as songs or movies. The term is still commonly used in this way today.

5. Synonyms
  • Golden oldie
  • Classic
  • Vintage
  • Throwback
6. Related Words
  • Olden
  • Doily
  • Oiled
  • Idyll
  • Dolly
7. Example Sentences
  • "He may be an oldie, but he still has a lot of wisdom to share."
  • "That song is such an oldie, but it always gets the crowd going."

Part of Speech: Noun, Adjective

Definition: (Noun) a person or company that is independent, especially one that is unaffiliated with a larger or more established organization; (Adjective) relating to or denoting independently produced music, films, or publications.

Pronunciation (US): /ˈɪndi/

Pronunciation (UK): /ˈɪndi/

Origin and Usage: The term "indie" is short for "independent" and has been used since the 1920s to describe individuals or organizations that operate outside of established institutions. In the 1980s, "indie" became associated with a specific subculture of music, film, and publishing that was produced independently of major record labels, studios, or publishing houses.

Synonyms: Independent, nonconformist, alternative, underground

Related Words: Music, Scene, Rebel, Count, Artic

Example Sentences:

  • The band was signed to an indie label and released their album to critical acclaim.
  • She started her own indie publishing company and quickly gained a following for her unique voice.
  • He was an indie filmmaker who refused to compromise his vision for commercial success.
  • The indie music scene in the city was thriving, with new bands popping up every week.