5 letter words ending in EAP

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5 letter words ending in EAP in English

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Common 5 letter words ending in EAP with meaning

Cheap Parts of Speech

Cheap is an adjective.


1. Inexpensive or low-priced.

2. Of little worth or value; not good quality.


US: /tʃip/

UK: /tʃiːp/

Origin and Usage

The word cheap comes from the Old English word cēap, meaning "bargain" or "trade". Its original meaning was related to trade or buying and selling goods, but over time it also came to mean "inexpensive" or "low-priced".


Affordable, economical, low-cost, low-priced, reasonable, budget-friendly, bargain-basement.

Related Words

Chose, chive, chimp, chump, churl.

Example Sentences

1. She bought a cheap dress for the party.

2. The hotel was cheap, but the room was dirty and uncomfortable.

3. He was accused of being cheap because he never wanted to spend money on anything.