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Part(s) of Speech: Noun

Definition: A dense, doughy, ring-shaped bread roll, typically with a shiny, smooth surface, made by boiling dough and then baking it.

Pronunciation (US): /ˈbeɪɡəl/

Pronunciation (UK): /ˈbeɪɡ(ə)l/

Origin and Usage: The word "bagel" comes from the Yiddish word "beygl," which in turn comes from the Middle High German word "böugel." Bagels have been a popular food item in Jewish communities for centuries, and they became more widely known in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, bagels are a popular breakfast food in many parts of the world.

Synonyms: None

Related Words: Baggy, Began, Began, Beige, Belga

Example Sentences:

  • She toasted a bagel and spread cream cheese on it for breakfast.
  • He picked up a bagel and a cup of coffee on his way to work.
  • The bakery sells a variety of bagels, including plain, sesame, and everything bagels.
Angel Parts of Speech: Noun
  1. A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.
  2. A person of exemplary conduct or virtue.
  3. A person who is kind, pure, or beautiful.
  • US: /ˈeɪndʒəl/
  • UK: /ˈeɪn.dʒəl/
Origin and Usage: The word "angel" comes from the Old English word "engel" which means "messenger" or "one who announces". The concept of angels has been present in various religions and cultures throughout history. Angels are often depicted as benevolent beings who act as messengers or protectors. "Angel" is commonly used in English to refer to a person who is kind, virtuous, or beautiful.

  • messenger
  • guardian
  • seraph
  • cherub
  • heavenly being
Related Words:
  • halos
  • guard
  • faith
  • wings
  • honor
Example Sentences:
  1. She believed that an angel was watching over her.
  2. He was a true angel, always helping those in need.
  3. The little girl looked like an angel in her white dress and halo of golden hair.