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5 letter words ending in GIA in English

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Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: Logia refers to a collection of sayings or teachings, especially those attributed to Jesus Christ. It is also used to refer to a body of knowledge or doctrine.

Pronunciations: US: /loʊˈdʒiə/; UK: /ləʊˈɡiːə/

Origin and Usage: The term logia is derived from the Greek word "logion," which means "oracle" or "saying." It is commonly used in religious contexts, particularly in reference to the sayings of Jesus Christ. The term has also been used in other contexts to refer to a collection of teachings or sayings.

Synonyms: Saying, maxim, proverb, aphorism, adage.

Related Words: Logic, lingo, loggy, logoi, logon.

Example Sentences:

  • "The logia of Jesus Christ are an important part of Christian doctrine."
  • "The logia of the ancient philosopher were highly regarded for their wisdom."
  • "The scholar spent years studying the logia of the ancient Greeks."