5 letter words ending in IRA

5 letter words ending in IRA in English

5 letter words ending in AIRA

5 letter words ending in BIRA

Common 5 letter words ending in IRA with meaning


Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: The official currency of Nigeria.

Pronunciations: US: /ˈnaɪərə/, UK: /ˈnaɪrə/

Origin and Usage: The naira was introduced in Nigeria in 1973 to replace the pound. It is named after the River Niger, which flows through Nigeria. The naira is used as the official currency of Nigeria and is divided into 100 kobo. It is widely accepted in the country and is used for everyday transactions, as well as for international trade.

Synonyms: None

Related Words: Niger, Arian, Airan, Irana, Raias

Example Sentences:

  1. He exchanged his dollars for naira at the bank.
  2. The price of a loaf of bread in the market is 200 naira.
  3. The naira has been devalued several times in recent years.
Definition of Mbira

1. Parts of Speech: Noun

2. Definition: Mbira is a musical instrument originating from Zimbabwe, consisting of a wooden board with metal keys attached to it. The instrument is played by plucking the keys with the thumbs and forefingers, creating a unique sound that is often used in traditional African music.

3. Pronunciations: US: /ˈɛmbɪrə/; UK: /ˈɛmbiːrə/

4. Origin and Usage: The mbira has been used in traditional African music for centuries, particularly in Zimbabwe and other parts of southern Africa. It is often played during religious ceremonies, social gatherings, and other cultural events. In recent years, the mbira has gained popularity outside of Africa and has been incorporated into various genres of music, including world music and contemporary popular music.

5. Synonyms: thumb piano, kalimba

6. Related Words: marim, bairn, amber, briar, ember

7. Example Sentences:

  • She played the mbira beautifully, creating a haunting melody that filled the room.
  • The mbira is an important instrument in traditional African music.
  • The musician incorporated the sound of the mbira into his latest album.
  • He purchased a mbira during his trip to Zimbabwe and has been practicing playing it ever since.
  • The group performed a lively song featuring the mbira and other traditional African instruments.