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5 letter words ending in IRM in English

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Here is the result in HTML text formatting: Chirm
  1. Parts of Speech: verb
  2. Definitions:
    • To make a series of high-pitched, twittering sounds, as birds do when excited or calling to one another.
    • To make a sound resembling chirping or twittering.
  3. Pronunciations:
    • US: /tʃərm/
    • UK: /tʃəːm/
  4. Origin and Usage:
    • The word "chirm" is believed to have originated from the Middle English word "chirme" which means to make a tremulous, chirping sound. It has been in use since the 14th century and is still used in modern English, although it is considered a rare or archaic word.
  5. Synonyms:
    • Chirp
    • Twitter
    • Chatter
    • Warble
  6. Related Words:
    • Chirk
    • Chide
    • Chine
    • Chive
    • Chose
  7. Example Sentences:
    • The birds chirmed in the trees, creating a beautiful symphony of sound.
    • The crickets chirmed in the grass as the sun set.