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5 letter words ending in LOW in English

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Part of Speech: Adverb, preposition, adjective

Definition: In a lower position, under, beneath, at a lower level, less than, lower in rank or status.

Pronunciations: (US: bih-LOH, UK: bih-LOW)

Origin and Usage: The word "below" is derived from Old English "be" meaning "by" and "lofan" meaning "to allow, permit, tolerate". It has been in use since the 12th century. It is commonly used in English language to indicate a lower position or a lower level.

Synonyms: Under, beneath, lower, inferior, subordinate

Related Words: Above, under

Example Sentences:

  • He lives below the poverty line.
  • The temperature is below freezing.
  • The cat is hiding below the bed.
  • The water level is below the dam.
  • Her score was below average.
Definition of Aglow 1. Parts of Speech: Aglow is an adjective. 2. Definition: When something is aglow, it is shining brightly with light or color. 3. Pronunciations (US, UK): US: /əˈɡloʊ/ UK: /əˈɡləʊ/ 4. Origin and Usage: The word aglow has been in use since the early 19th century. It comes from the combination of the prefix "a-" meaning "on" or "in," and "glow," meaning to shine brightly. It is often used to describe a warm, bright, or radiant light, such as the light of a sunrise or sunset. It can also be used to describe a persons face or expression when they are happy or excited. 5. Synonyms: Some synonyms for aglow include: radiant, glowing, bright, shining, and luminous. 6. Related Words: Some related 5 letter words to aglow include: glaze, glint, gleam, and glare. 7. Example Sentences:
  • The sky was aglow with the warm colors of the sunset.
  • The candles on the birthday cake were aglow with bright flames.
  • Her face was aglow with happiness when she saw the surprise party.
  • The city was aglow with the lights of the skyscrapers at night.

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: To give permission for or to not prevent something from happening.

Pronunciation (US): əˈlaʊ

Pronunciation (UK): əˈlaʊ

Origin and Usage: The word "allow" originated from the Middle English word "alouen," which means "to praise or approve." It has been used in the English language since the 14th century. The word is commonly used in both formal and informal settings to indicate permission or lack of prevention of something.

Synonyms: permit, let, authorize, sanction, enable, empower, grant

Related Words: agree, bless, grant, yield, admit

Example Sentences:

  • She allowed him to go to the party.
  • The teacher allowed the students to use calculators during the exam.
  • The new policy allows employees to work from home.
  • The security guard did not allow anyone to enter the building without proper identification.
  • His parents did not allow him to watch TV until he finished his homework.