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Here is the result: ralph Parts of Speech:

noun, verb

  • noun: a loud retching sound made by a person or animal.
  • verb: to vomit or retch.
  • US: /rælf/
  • UK: /ralf/
Origin and Usage:

The origin of the word "ralph" is uncertain, but it is believed to be of British English origin. It is a colloquial term used to describe the act of vomiting or the sound of someone vomiting. The word is commonly used in informal contexts and is considered a slang term.

  • barf
  • puke
  • throw up
Related Words:
  • chuck
  • retch
  • spew
  • vomit
Example Sentences:
  • He ralphed all over the bathroom floor.
  • The smell of the garbage made her want to ralph.
  • She had too much to drink and ended up ralphing in the bushes.
Definition of Sylph

A sylph is a mythological creature that is typically depicted as a slender, graceful, and delicate woman with wings. It is a noun and belongs to the category of nouns in the English language.

Pronunciation of Sylph

In US English, sylph is pronounced as /sɪlf/ while in UK English, it is pronounced as /sɪlf/ or /sɪlfə/.

Origin and Usage of Sylph

The word sylph comes from the Latin word sylphes, which means "woodland deity." It was first used in English in the 1600s to describe a slender, graceful woman. In the 1700s, it became associated with the mythological creature that is now commonly known as a sylph.

Synonyms of Sylph

There are no exact synonyms for sylph, but it can be described as a fairy, nymph, or sprite.

Related Words to Sylph

Some related 5 letter words to sylph are hylas, plash, and sylva.

Example Sentences using Sylph
  • The sylph flitted through the garden with ease.
  • She moved with the grace of a sylph, her wings fluttering behind her.
  • The sylph was said to bring good luck to those who caught a glimpse of her.