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Cloak 1. Parts of Speech

Cloak is a noun and a verb.

2. Definitions

As a noun, a cloak is a loose outer garment, typically sleeveless and reaching to the knees or below. As a verb, to cloak means to hide or cover something.

3. Pronunciations

US: /kloʊk/

UK: /kləʊk/

4. Origin and Usage

The word "cloak" comes from Middle English "cloke," which means a long, loose garment. Its usage dates back to the 13th century. Cloaks were commonly worn in medieval times, and they were often made of wool or fur. Today, cloaks are typically associated with costumes or formal wear. As a verb, "cloak" is often used in the context of hiding or covering something up, such as a secret or a mistake.

5. Synonyms

As a noun, synonyms for cloak include cape, mantle, shawl, and wrap. As a verb, synonyms for cloak include conceal, mask, cover, and disguise.

6. Related Words

Words related to "cloak" include:

  • Clasp
  • Clout
  • Crave
  • Creak
  • Croak
7. Example Sentences

As a noun:

  • She wore a black cloak over her dress.
  • The magicians cloak billowed behind him as he disappeared from the stage.

As a verb:

  • The company tried to cloak their mistakes with excuses.
  • He cloaked his true intentions with a friendly smile.

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: to make a deep, hoarse sound like that of a frog or a raven

Pronunciations: US: /kroʊk/; UK: /krəʊk/

Origin and Usage: The word "croak" originated in the late 14th century from the Old English word "cracian" meaning "to croak". It is commonly used to describe the sound made by a frog or a raven. It can also be used to describe a persons voice when it is low and hoarse, usually due to illness or exhaustion.

Synonyms: caw, squawk, quack, honk, hoot

Related Words: choke, cloak, crook, crack, crick

Example Sentences:

  • The frogs croaked all night long.
  • The raven let out a loud croak.
  • He could barely speak and his voice sounded like a croak.
  • The old man croaked his last words before passing away.