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5 letter words ending in ONK in English

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Part of Speech: Noun, Verb

Definition: A dull, heavy sound made by a hard object hitting another object.

Pronunciations: US: /klɑŋk/, UK: /klɒŋk/

Origin and Usage: The word "clonk" is believed to be of imitative origin, derived from the sound it represents. It was first recorded in the mid-19th century. As a noun, "clonk" refers to the sound itself or the object that makes the sound. As a verb, it means to make a clonking sound or to hit something with a clonking sound.

Synonyms: Thud, bang, clunk, knock, bump.

Related Words: Clunk, plonk, honks, flunk, skunk.

Example Sentences:

  • He heard a loud clonk and turned around to see the vase had fallen off the shelf.
  • The old car clonked down the road, making a terrible noise.
  • She clonked the pot down on the stove and began to cook dinner.
Plonk 1. Parts of Speech

Plonk is a verb and a noun.

2. Definitions

As a verb, plonk means to put or place something down heavily or clumsily. As a noun, plonk refers to cheap wine or liquor.

3. Pronunciations

In US English, plonk is pronounced as plahngk. In UK English, it is pronounced as plonk.

4. Origin and Usage

The origin of plonk is uncertain, but it is believed to be of Australian or British origin. As a verb, plonk is commonly used to describe the act of placing something down heavily or carelessly, such as "He plonked his backpack on the floor." As a noun, plonk is often used to describe cheap wine or liquor, such as "We drank plonk all night."

5. Synonyms

Alternative synonyms for plonk as a verb include plop, drop, and dump. As a noun, plonk can be replaced by terms such as cheap wine, swill, or plonk wine.

6. Related Words

Related 5 letter words to plonk include clonk, flong, honky, and wonky.

7. Example Sentences

As a verb:

  • She plonked the book on the table.
  • He plonked himself down on the couch.
  • The delivery man plonked the package on the doorstep.

As a noun:

  • They drank plonk all night at the party.
  • He brought a bottle of plonk to the dinner party.
  • The restaurant only serves plonk wine.
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Part of Speech: verb

Definition: (of an antelope or similar animal) jump straight up into the air with all four feet at once, especially as a form of display.

Pronunciations: US: /prɑŋk/, UK: /prɒŋk/

Origin and Usage: The word "pronk" originated from the Afrikaans word "pronk" which means "to show off". It is used to describe the display behavior of antelopes and other similar animals, where they jump straight up into the air with all four feet at once.

Synonyms: jump, leap, bound, hop

Related Words: jump, hoppy, leaps, vault, bounce

Example Sentences:

  • The gazelle began to pronk across the savannah.
  • The antelope was pronking in the field, showing off its agility.
  • The impala pronked repeatedly to attract the attention of the female.