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5 letter words ending in OOL in English

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Heres the information you requested: Spool 1. Parts of Speech:

Noun, Verb

2. Definitions:

Noun: a cylindrical device on which film, magnetic tape, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound; Verb: wind (film, tape, thread, etc.) on to a spool or reels

3. Pronunciations (US, UK):

US: /spuːl/; UK: /spuːl/

4. Origin and Usage:

The word "spool" originated in the mid-17th century from the Dutch word "spoele". It was first used to describe a cylindrical device on which thread was wound. Since then, it has been used to describe any cylindrical device on which flexible materials can be wound, such as film, magnetic tape, and wire. The verb form of "spool" means to wind thread, film, or other materials onto a spool or reel.

5. Synonyms:

Reel, Bobbin, Drum, Coil, Cylinder

6. Related Words:

Wheel, Spout, Spade, Spine, Spicy

7. Example Sentences:

Noun: She placed the film reel carefully on the spool.
Verb: He spooled the magnetic tape onto the reel.

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Drool is a verb and a noun.


As a verb, drool means to let saliva run from the mouth. As a noun, drool refers to saliva that drips from the mouth.


US: /druːl/

UK: /druːl/

Origin and Usage:

The word drool originated from the Middle English word "drulen" which means "to drivel". It is often used in a negative context to describe someone who is excessively salivating or in a positive context to describe something that is so appealing that it causes a person to drool.


Salivate, dribble, slobber.

Related Words:

Drone, droll, droop, drove.

Example Sentences:

As a verb:

  • He couldn help but drool over the delicious food.
  • The baby started to drool when he saw the cookie.

As a noun:

  • The dogs drool dripped onto the floor.
  • She wiped the drool from her mouth after seeing the handsome actor.

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A seat without a back or arms, typically resting on three or four legs or on a pedestal.

Pronunciation (US): /stuːl/

Pronunciation (UK): /stuːl/

Origin and Usage: The word "stool" originated in Middle English from Old English "stōl", meaning "seat". It has been used since the 13th century to describe a seat without a back or arms. The word "stool" has also been used to describe a piece of furniture used by a person sitting at a desk or table.

Synonyms: Seat, chair, bench, ottoman, footstool

Related Words: Chair, bench, table, desk, couch

Example Sentences:

  • She sat on a stool at the kitchen counter while she ate her breakfast.
  • He pulled up a stool and ordered a drink at the bar.
  • The musician sat on a stool while he played his guitar.