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5 letter words ending in OPE in English

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Part of Speech: verb

Definition: to feel about blindly or uncertainly in search of something; to search by touch; to handle somebody sexually in an inappropriate way

Pronunciations: US: /ɡroʊp/, UK: /ɡrəʊp/

Origin and Usage: The word "grope" originated from the Old English word "grāpian" which means "to feel, touch, or grasp." It has been in use since the 14th century. The word is often used to describe searching for something in a dark or unfamiliar place, but it can also describe inappropriate sexual behavior.

Synonyms: feel, fumble, search, paw, fondle, molest

Related Words: grasp, probe, touch

Example Sentences:

  • She groped around in the dark for the light switch.
  • He was groping for his keys in his pocket when he realized he had left them at home.
  • The woman accused her boss of groping her at the office party.
Parts of Speech

Slope is a noun and a verb.

  • As a noun, slope means a surface that is at an angle rather than horizontal, or the degree of such inclination.
  • As a verb, slope means to be inclined or slanting.
  • US: /sloʊp/
  • UK: /sləʊp/
Origin and Usage

The word slope originated in the mid-15th century from the Middle Dutch word "sloep," meaning a boat. It was later used to refer to a hill or a surface that is inclined. The word is commonly used in math and physics to describe the angle of a line or surface.

  • As a noun: hill, incline, gradient, slant
  • As a verb: slant, incline, tilt, lean
Related Words
  • Hill
  • Grade
  • Angle
  • Steep
  • Skew
Example Sentences
  • The slope of the hill was too steep for them to climb.
  • She watched the skier descend the slope with ease.
  • The line on the graph had a positive slope, indicating an increase in value over time.
  • He sloped the roof to help the rainwater drain off more easily.
Scope 1. Parts of Speech: Scope is a noun. 2. Definitions: Scope refers to the extent or range of something. It can also mean the opportunity for action or thought. In the context of a device or instrument, scope can refer to the part that provides a view or measurement. 3. Pronunciations: US: skohp UK: skəʊp 4. Origin and Usage: Scope originated from the Greek word "skopos," which means "watcher" or "marksman." It has been used in the English language since the 16th century. The term is commonly used in business, science, and technology contexts. 5. Synonyms: Range, extent, reach, purview, opportunity, possibility, potential. 6. Related Words: Scale, scion, score, scout, scuba. 7. Example Sentences:
  • The scope of the project was too large for one person to handle.
  • She saw the opportunity to expand the scope of the business.
  • The telescopes scope allowed for a clear view of the stars.
  • He used a scope to measure the distance between the two points.