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5 letter words ending in UK in English

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Parts of Speech:

Taluk is a noun.


A taluk is a subdivision of a district in India, usually consisting of several villages.


US: /ˈtɑːlʌk/

UK: /ˈtælʊk/

Origin and Usage:

The word taluk comes from the Hindi and Urdu word "tāluk" which means "subdivision". It is commonly used in India to refer to a subdivision of a district, similar to a county in the United States.


Taluka, Tehsil, Mandal, Sub-district.

Related Words:

Lucky, Talky, Tweak, Fluke, Chalk.

Example Sentences:
  • The taluk is responsible for the administration of several villages in the district.
  • The taluk office is located in the center of the town.
  • The taluk has its own police station and hospital.
  • The taluk is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical monuments.