5 letter words starting with ABU

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5 letter words starting with ABU in English

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5 letter words starting with ABUT

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Part of Speech: Noun, verb

Definition: To use something for the wrong purpose or in a harmful way. To treat someone in a cruel or violent way. The improper use of something.

Pronunciation (US): əˈbyuz

Pronunciation (UK): əˈbjuːs

Origin and Usage: The word "abuse" comes from the Latin word "abusare," which means "to misuse." The word has been used in English since the 15th century, originally meaning "improper use." The word began to be used in the sense of "cruel treatment" in the 17th century.

Synonyms: Mistreat, maltreat, ill-treat, harm, injure, hurt, damage, spoil, misuse, exploit, manipulate, take advantage of, oppress, bully.

Related Words: Accuse, amuse, bouse, cause, douse.

Example Sentences:

  1. He was accused of abusing his power as CEO.
  2. She was a victim of domestic abuse.
  3. The misuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance.
  4. He was abusing drugs and alcohol.
  5. She was being verbally abused by her boss.
  1. Parts of Speech: verb
  2. Definitions:
    • to be adjacent to or share a boundary with something else
  3. Pronunciations:
    • US: əˈbʌts
    • UK: əˈbʌts
  4. Origin and Usage:
    • The word "abuts" comes from the Old French word "abouter," which means "to join at the ends." It was first used in the English language in the 15th century.
    • "Abuts" is commonly used in legal, real estate, and construction contexts to describe the location of a property or structure in relation to another property or structure.
  5. Synonyms:
    • adjoins
    • borders
    • meets
    • touches
  6. Related Words:
    • abuse
    • abuzz
    • abhor
    • abide
    • about
  7. Example Sentences:
    • The park abuts the river, offering a beautiful view of the water.
    • The new building will abut the existing one, creating a seamless transition between the two structures.
    • The property abuts a busy road, which can be noisy at times.
Here is the information on "abuzz": 1. **Parts of Speech:** Adjective 2. **Definitions:** Full of or alive with activity, excitement, or gossip. 3. **Pronunciations:** US: /əˈbʌz/; UK: /əˈbʌz/ 4. **Origin and Usage:** "Abuzz" is a relatively new word, first recorded in the early 20th century. It is believed to be a combination of the prefix "a-" meaning "on" or "in" and the word "buzz," which describes the sound of activity or excitement. The word is commonly used to describe a place or situation that is full of energy or activity, such as a busy city street or a lively party. 5. **Synonyms:** Busy, active, lively, bustling, humming 6. **Related Words:** Buzzed, abase, abuse, abeam, abhor 7. **Example Sentences:** - The newsroom was abuzz with excitement as they prepared to break the story. - The city was abuzz with activity even at night. - The social media platform was abuzz with rumors about the new product launch.