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5 letter words starting with ALL in English

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Part of Speech: verb

Definition: To give permission for or to not prevent something from happening.

Pronunciation (US): əˈlaʊ

Pronunciation (UK): əˈlaʊ

Origin and Usage: The word "allow" originated from the Middle English word "alouen," which means "to praise or approve." It has been used in the English language since the 14th century. The word is commonly used in both formal and informal settings to indicate permission or lack of prevention of something.

Synonyms: permit, let, authorize, sanction, enable, empower, grant

Related Words: agree, bless, grant, yield, admit

Example Sentences:

  • She allowed him to go to the party.
  • The teacher allowed the students to use calculators during the exam.
  • The new policy allows employees to work from home.
  • The security guard did not allow anyone to enter the building without proper identification.
  • His parents did not allow him to watch TV until he finished his homework.
Alley 1. Parts of Speech


2. Definitions

A narrow street or passageway between or behind buildings.

3. Pronunciations
  • US: /ˈæli/
  • UK: /ˈæli/
4. Origin and Usage

The word "alley" originated from Middle English "alei", which means "walking or riding path in a garden or park". It was later used to describe narrow streets or passages between buildings. Alleys are common in urban areas, especially in older cities where buildings were built close together. They can be used for various purposes, such as pedestrian walkways, parking, or even as a setting for street art.

5. Synonyms
  • Lane
  • Passage
  • Path
  • Walkway
6. Related Words
  • Route
  • Trail
  • Track
  • Street
  • Drift
7. Example Sentences
  • The alley behind the building was dark and narrow.
  • They parked their car in the alley next to the restaurant.
  • The alley was filled with street art and graffiti.