5 letter words starting with ARD

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5 letter words starting with ARD in English

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Here is the requested information on "ardor": 1. Parts of Speech: Noun 2. Definition: intense and passionate feeling; enthusiasm or eagerness 3. Pronunciations: US: /ˈɑrdər/, UK: /ˈɑːdə(r)/ 4. Origin and Usage: "Ardor" comes from the Latin word "ardor" meaning "heat" or "burning". It has been used in English since the 14th century to describe intense feelings or emotions, particularly those of enthusiasm or eagerness. It is often used in the context of romantic or sexual passion, but can also refer to intense enthusiasm for a cause or activity. 5. Synonyms: passion, fervor, zeal, enthusiasm, eagerness, intensity, fire, ardency, fervency 6. Related Words: amour, flame, heart, love, trust 7. Example Sentences: - His ardor for the project was infectious and inspired the team to work harder. - The young couples ardor for each other was palpable. - She pursued her passion for music with great ardor and dedication. - The politician spoke with great ardor about his plans to improve the country. - The artists work was characterized by a fiery ardor that captivated audiences.