5 letter words starting with AVE

The following list contains 3 five letter words in English

5 letter words starting with AVE in English

5 letter words starting with AVEN

5 letter words starting with AVER

Common 5 letter words starting with AVE with meaning

Heres the dictionary-style entry for "avens": avens

Parts of Speech: noun

Definition: a plant of the genus Geum, typically having yellow, pink, or red flowers.

Pronunciation (US): /'eɪvənz/

Pronunciation (UK): /'eɪvənz/

Origin and Usage: The word "avens" comes from the Old French word "avence" which means "a plant of the genus Geum". Avens are typically found in temperate regions of the world and are often used in herbal medicine for their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Synonyms: geum, herb bennet, wood avens

Related Words: agave, aiver, anise, aphis, apish, avast, aveyo, avian, avoid, avows

Example Sentences:

  • The avens in the garden were in full bloom.
  • He used avens in his herbal tea to help with his sore throat.
  • Wood avens is a common plant in the forest.
Here is the result in HTML text formatting: avers

Parts of Speech: verb


  • To state or assert positively or confidently.
  • To affirm or declare as true.
  • To express ones opinion or belief.


  • US: /əˈvərz/
  • UK: /əˈvɜːz/

Origin and Usage:

The word "avers" comes from the Latin word "averrere" which means "to turn away". It was first used in English in the 15th century and is still in use today. It is commonly used in formal and academic writing to express a strong opinion or belief.


  • affirm
  • declare
  • state
  • assert
  • pronounce

Related Words:

  • avert
  • avers
  • serve
  • sever
  • verse

Example Sentences:

  • She avers that the company will succeed despite the challenges.
  • He avers that the evidence is conclusive and cannot be disputed.
  • The author avers that the protagonist is a representation of himself.

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: To prevent or ward off (something undesirable). To turn away or aside; to avoid.

Pronunciations: US: əˈvərt, UK: əˈvɜːt

Origin and Usage: The word "avert" comes from the Latin word "avertare" which means to turn away. The word has been in use in English since the 15th century.

Synonyms: prevent, avoid, ward off, deflect, sidestep, dodge, evade, circumvent, forestall, stave off, halt, stop, check, block.

Related Words: alert, overt, vertu, verts, verto.

Example Sentences:

  • He tried to avert his gaze from the accident on the road.
  • The government took measures to avert a financial crisis.
  • She managed to avert a disaster by acting quickly.
  • The company took steps to avert a strike by the workers.
  • The pilot was able to avert a crash by making an emergency landing.