5 letter words starting with BRIS

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5 letter words starting with BRIS in English

5 letter words starting with BRISK

Common 5 letter words starting with BRIS with meaning

Brisk Parts of Speech

Adjective, Verb

  • Adjective: active, quick, and energetic
  • Adjective: refreshing; cool
  • Verb: walk quickly or with a purpose
  • US: /brɪsk/
  • UK: /brɪsk/
Origin and Usage

The word "brisk" originated from the Middle English word "brisken," which means to flick or jerk. It has been in use since the 16th century. The adjective form is commonly used to describe an energetic or quick pace, while the verb form is often used to describe walking quickly or with a purpose.

  • Adjective: lively, active, energetic, quick, spirited
  • Adjective: refreshing, cool, invigorating
  • Verb: hurry, hasten, rush, stride
Related Words
  • Brisk - Active or quick
  • Basil - A herb
  • Bison - A large, shaggy-haired animal
  • Bunch - A group of things
  • Burnt - Damaged by fire
Example Sentences
  • The brisk wind made the walk more invigorating.
  • The brisk sales of the new product exceeded expectations.
  • She briskly walked to the train station.