5 letter words starting with CAT

The following list contains 3 five letter words in English

5 letter words starting with CAT in English

5 letter words starting with CATC

5 letter words starting with CATE

5 letter words starting with CATT

Common 5 letter words starting with CAT with meaning

Parts of Speech

Catch is a verb and a noun.


As a verb, catch means to intercept and hold onto something that is moving through the air or to grab something that is falling. As a noun, catch refers to the act of catching something or the thing that is caught.


US: /kætʃ/

UK: /kætʃ/

Origin and Usage

The word catch originated in Middle English from Old Norse kasta, meaning "to throw." Catch has been in use since the 14th century and is commonly used in everyday language.


As a verb, catch can be synonymous with capture, grab, seize, or snag. As a noun, catch can be synonymous with grab, interception, or haul.

Related Words

Batch, match, patch, snatch, watch.

Example Sentences

As a verb:

  • She caught the ball with one hand.
  • He caught the thief in the act.
  • They caught the train just in time.

As a noun:

  • What was your catch of the day?
  • The fisherman was proud of his big catch.
  • She made a spectacular catch in the outfield.
Word: cater

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: to provide food and/or services for an event or group of people

Pronunciation (US): ˈkā-tər

Pronunciation (UK): ˈkeɪ.tər

Origin and Usage: The word "cater" originated from the Latin word "catera" which means "provisions." It has been used in English since the 16th century and refers to the act of providing food and/or services for an event or group of people. The word is commonly used in the hospitality and event planning industries.

Synonyms: provide, supply, furnish, offer, serve, accommodate, attend to

Related Words: crate, trace, react, caret, carte

Example Sentences:

  1. The hotel will cater the wedding reception.
  2. The restaurant caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers.
  3. The company will cater a lunch for the employees.
  4. She hired a catering service to cater her daughters birthday party.
  5. The event planner will cater the corporate event.
Definition of Catty

Parts of Speech: Adjective, Noun


  • Adjective: having or showing a spiteful or critical nature; relating to or resembling a cat
  • Noun: a unit of weight used in Asia, equal to about 1.33 pounds or 604 grams


  • US: /ˈkæti/
  • UK: /ˈkæti/

Origin and Usage:

The adjective "catty" originated in the late 19th century from the word "cat" and was first used to describe someone who was sly or malicious, like a cat. The noun "catty" originated in Southeast Asia and was used to describe a unit of weight. Today, the word "catty" is commonly used to describe someone who is petty or gossipy.


  • Adjective: spiteful, malicious, bitchy, snarky, snide
  • Noun: jin, kin, jinrikisha, ricksha, rickshaw

Related Words:

  • catch
  • chatty
  • party
  • tatty
  • vatty

Example Sentences:

  • Adjective: "She made a catty remark about her co-workers outfit."
  • Noun: "The fish weighed about two catties."